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Laneways Software & Digital has the expertise and experience to help your brand design innovative yet profitable applications for your users. Despite the complexity of the applications, our firm can help you reach billions of Apple product consumers. We are an iOS app development company committed to helping our clients through the process of concept building to the realization of world-class applications.

Laneways Software & Digital has the expertise and experience to help your brand design innovative yet profitable applications for your users. Despite the complexity of the applications, our firm can help you reach billions of Apple product consumers. We are an iOS app development company committed to helping our clients through the process of concept building to the realization of world-class applications.

Our services cover all iOS devices from iphone applications, the iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Here is what we can do for you.

But before we get into that, let’s learn the meaning of apps development for iOS.


What is iOS App Development?

The iphone operating system commonly known as iOS, is the system that runs devices like the Mac, iPad, iphone, and the TV. The iOS boasts billion of users which any company can leverage to make profits through development of unique iphone apps.

By now, you are probably wondering how you can learn app development for iOS. Here is how.

How Can I learn iOS Development?

The best way to learn how to develop iphone apps is by starting your development project. Learning while on the project gives you practical skills. If you’re working with Laneways Software & Digital, it’s even better for you because you get to learn so many things in the process.

This is because our company walks with our clients through the journey of application development while updating you on everything.

Check out Our World-class Process of iPhone App Development

Our in-house team of mobile app developers follows 3 steps during app development. These are:


When we receive an order from a client, our team, first of all, analyzes the specific requirements and the nature of the application required. We understand that it’s impossible to have a strategy that fits all because clients are diverse and work in different niches.

Development process

The development stage is the most critical because we have to determine the technologies to use, frameworks, tools, and languages. We then code the app depending on the most suitable language. It’s also at this stage where we perform user acceptance testing before launching the mobile app.

Maintenance and Support

After your mobile app is launched for the iphone or any other Apple device, we don’t stop there. Our team follows up by closely monitoring the servers to make sure everything functions as expected. We also assign technicians to fix any bugs on the mobile app. Most importantly, we’re available for any support on all our mobile app development.

Modern Technologies, Tools, and Frameworks We Utilize

Laneway.Agency’s mobile app developers have the relevant experience working with different technologies, tools, frameworks, and languages to deliver apps that meet Apple standards of design and user experience.

What Coding Language is Used for iOS apps?

- Swift
- Objective C
- JavaScript

What Frameworks are Best for iOS Apps?

- Social Network API
- Google maps
- Core Data
- AFNetworking
- Realm
- Location
- Kingfisher

What Technologies Work Best for iphone Apps?

- Zeplin
- testFlight
- XCode
- Fabric

Our Unique Approach to iOS App Development

User experience is the core of our apps

The uniqueness of our iOS applications is that they are functional and interactive. We focus on the usability of the mobile apps by the target audiences. Guess what? we never disappoint! With the look and feel of our apps, Laneways Software & Digital’s the best in the industry.

We turn your ideas into applications

Don’t keep those awesome ideas you’ve had about leveraging advancement in technology into an application worth billions hidden from the world. We’ll build the idea into an application that will engage millions of Apple product users every day. You don’t have to be a tech guru to build a great app in the market, but you have to engage in the right iOS app development team like ours.

If you want to have a successful projects for the development of your iPhone apps, you need to work with the best technicians in the industry. 

Unique designs

As a client, you want to create that mind-blowing application that will leave your users in awe, right? Well, Laneways Software & Digital has got you covered because we design unique applications that you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

We turn your ideas into applications iPhone App Development | Laneways Software & Digital
What’s more is that our team will integrate the application with your already existing systems such as CRM for seamless communication with your employees and customers. We will also include other iOS-enabled features such as the speech to text, e-wallet, PayPal, and so much more during the mobile app development process.

We walk with you through the journey

The best thing about working with us on your mobile app development project is that we’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll update you at every stage of the app development and even ask for your input. When the app is done, we will also help you test its performance before officially launching it.  

We also understand getting an application to feature on the iOS app store is often a daunting task for most companies. With us, you’re guaranteed that we’ll make sure the app features on the app store where most Apple device users download their apps. Finally, we’ll offer lifetime maintenance and fixing of any bugs. What’s not to love about our services?

Why use Laneways Software & Digital

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Laneways Software & Digital to work on a iphone apps development project.

Awesome customer support

Nothing is irritating for a client than those phone calls that never get picked up or called back by their iOS app developer. It’s even worse if emails are never responded to promptly. Laneways Software & Digital’s customer service team offers 24 hours customer support for all our mobile app development clients. You can reach us on email or call any time your app has a problem.

Laneways Software & Digital has over 10 years of experience in mobile app development. Within these years, we’ve mastered all Apple devices and know what applications work best for what device. For example, the iPad has a widescreen and is best suited for interactive applications. Besides, iPads also have multi-tasking capabilities enabling users to switch from one app to another. We take advantage of such capabilities to design world-class applications.
We design responsive applications
All the iOS applications we’ve developed are functional and responsive. Such applications are preferred by users and will most likely get more downloads. We never disappoint in the delivery of any application for your Apple device from the iPhone to the iPad, and the Apple Watch.
Data Security is core to our values
Data security for our clients and application users is the topmost priority for our company. It’s the reason why during mobile app development, we store the most sensitive data in our internal storage. We encrypt all data stored on the application’s external storage. We also make sure to validate user data during input and secure the app using features like the 2 step verification and more on all our iOS applications. Whether it’s an iphone app, Apple Watch, or ipad.
Affordable yet quality services

Our services are affordable without any compromise on the quality of applications developed. You can, therefore, design a great iphone app without breaking your bank account in your next mobile apps project. In fact, we pride ourselves on and working on a project within strict budgets.

Do you have an app idea for any apps development for iphone, Apple device from the TV, Apple Watch, to the iPad? Share with us the idea, and we’ll convert it into an app. Hit us up on our email or call for a free quotation. Let Laneways Software & Digital be your go-to iPhone app development company.