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12 Exciting Software Development Projects For a Novice Engineer

As a novice, why not start by engaging your skills in several software development projects? Doing so will allow you to boost your career and confidence. Within no time, you’ll find yourself earning some income while learning more.

Well, identifying the projects to try your hands and brain on may be a daunting task. However, we have your back. How about building a case study in one of these projects?

After reading this article, you’ll want to try some of these software project ideas.

What are some of the Software Development Projects for Beginners?

1. Doctor-Patient Portal Development Project

Doctor-Patient Portal Development Project Software Development Project | Laneways.Agency

You can create an online Doctor-Patient software. The project would involve creating an android app for managing the necessary healthcare content.

The development of such a portal allows doctors to view their patient’s medical history. They can also update the system by feeding in the most recent medical information of a patient.

The Doctor-Patient Portal development is a hot cake as it:
A great portal development focuses on helping any small healthcare institution in its business process. Therefore, in your project management, ensure that your Doctor-Patient portal is:
The portal should save relevant patient information, such as:

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Healthcare providers will like the software if it gives them quick access to medical history. Thus, you can sell your development idea to healthcare institutions.

2. Chess Development Project

Creating a chess game is one of the most interesting software development projects. Developing this classic game’s software and taking its idea online would be potentially rewarding. In this case, your task would be to try and come up with a system that can play chess against human beings.

The idea is to turn the chess game concepts into an algorithm that a gaming computer can comprehend. Begin by mapping out your chessboard as well as pieces. Next, decide the specific moves for the pieces. Once your chess game is set, you make it available for downloads.

3. Cargo Booking Software Development Project

Cargo Booking Software Development Project | Laneways.Agency

Cargo handlers and businessmen will thank you for your development of an AI shopping software for cargo booking. Like other software development projects, the system needs to allow the feeding of crucial content.

The development should birth a product that is easy to sign up, does searches, and other activities. Make sure your cargo booking system displays the most relevant results that match whatever the customer needs. You can go a step further to offer curated suggestions of products based on a user’s search pattern.

Test to ensure that users can log in, access the various categories, and select their choice. Completing the purchase through a preferred online payment option should be easy.

With the acquired experience, you may even approach various businesses to handle their software project management.

4. Farming Assistance Software Development Project

Farming Assistance Software Development Project | Laneways.Agency

Large scale farmers dealing with complex information flow would probably embrace a professional farming tool. You can embrace these software development projects to help them manage their entire field, inventory, and workforce. Besides, it can give insights regarding farming as the whole performance, all within a single click.

Make the software as simple as possible. Your end goal is to help farmers keep the farm records organized, safe, and easily accessible.

Like in all software development projects, a responsive computer code is crucial. Your product should work on PC, tablets, and/or smartphones. A farming assistance tool that is user friendly and accessible 24/7 will earn you great points.

5. Video Surveillance Software Development Projects

Businesses are scrambling for Video Surveillance software to monitor their properties. The software helps in managing IP camera systems.

Some of the features you should incorporate in your video surveillance software include:

Most businesses and homeowners will be after your product, but only if you make it to their expectations. Therefore, in your project management, have their thought in mind when coming up with a computer code.

Video Surveillance Software Development Projects | Laneways.Agency

6. Bus Pass Software Projects

Most individuals now prefer to purchase their transit pass online. However, not all transport service providers have a working online system to do so.

Bus Pass Software Projects | Laneways.Agency

You can customize a system that would help passengers to book their transit using their smart devices. Such software would improve the quality of services and cut down the cost in the long run.

Ensure that users can check available seats before purchasing a ticket. Likewise, it should allow online canceling or updating a card as needed. User-friendliness still remains a crucial feature.

Build a strong case study with a bus pass software project management and development.

7. Automatic Answer Checker Projects

Software developers can develop an intelligent online software that provides answers to people’s inquiries. When creating an automatic answer checker, consider including sentiment-based search phrases. Users will be able to find answers quickly if their searches contain the search phrases in your database.

When users ask their questions, the app will scan relevant information from various online sources. It will then present the most pertinent to the user. He/she will then sort out what suitable for him.

Automatic Answer Checker Projects Software Development Projects | Laneways.Agency

An excellent automatic answer checker from your development team should have a memory. It should remember what the user searched for recently. The app should never provide misleading information (should collect information from trusted sources only)

Your software should allow users to find answers to related questions asked by others.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

8. ERP system for institutions

As a software developer, you can step in and improve how big institutions such as campuses, hostels, etc. manage things. Design a centralized ERP system that would improve an institution’s process.

If your ERP software development project comes out with modernized features, the targeted institution may love it. For instance, planning and managing things such as student/guest enrollment, library, lecture sessions, courses offered, etc. would be instant with a working ERP system.

Are you responsible for software project management? Ensure the ERP software development team comes up with a software that has the following:

ERP System for institutions | Laneways.Agency

Various institutions’ project management and development teams may buy into your ideas.

9. Real Estate Software Development Project

A real estate portal is another software development project that you can try. Real estate portals offer a safe platform where sellers and buyers can freely interact with each other. Sellers can list their real estate properties’ content. Buyers can scroll through the list and choose the property they are interested in depending on their particular needs.

A real estate development project brings the following benefits:

Specializing in this project management and development may get you decent returns from real estate agencies.

Real Estate Software Development Projects | Laneways.Agency

10. Social Network Software Development Projects

Social network development is among those trending computer science side projects. It allows users from all corners of the world to interact. Excellent social network projects are those which gift users with downloadable smartphone apps.

When developing a software that enables people to socialize, consider the following;

Social Network Software Development Projects | Laneways.Agency

11. Canteen Automation Software Development Project

Nowadays, almost all canteens want to focus on speedy preparations and timely delivery. However, not all canteens possess automated software, and this is a gap you can fill. Gain experience by developing and managing a software project that simplifies the food ordering process.

The menu content should be visible from the web-page so that customers can have quick access. You may include a chat tool that would see customers and canteen owners chat about products and services.

Don’t shy from approaching several canteens and presenting your software engineering ideas to them. You can also choose to design the project and monetize it when it’s a ready product.

Canteen Automation Software Development Project | Laneways.Agency

12. OTP Software Development Project

OTP Software Development Project | Laneways.Agency

Most ATMs require card owners to keep their PIN private to stay safe. Sometimes ATM cards can be accessed by people who know your pin and without your consent, and this means lost cash. Therefore, ATM owners are always looking for programming ideas to stay more secure.

A One-Time Pin (OTP) is one of those programming project ideas that is shaping the financial industry. Whenever a user inserts their cards and enters their regular pin, they receive an OTP to their mobile number.

So even if someone else has collected their card and knows the pin, it will be of no use as long as they don’t have the phone. It’s among the fun programming projects that would see you making huge cash should you monetize your software products.


We’ve looked at some of the exciting software development projects any upcoming software developer can try. If you’re enthusiastic in a certain industry, you can develop a simple software that makes things easier in a certain area. You can then build upon your concepts and ideas slowly to evolve your project to greater heights.

The development and management of software projects will be a breeze once you start taking those baby steps. With continual practice and application of new ideas, you’ll be earning a good income. So grab one of these coding project ideas and start helping a business streamline its business process.

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