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The automation of business processes is accelerating at a lightning pace as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning continues to gain speed. Businesses around the globe are racing against the clock to be part of this excitement. Take advantage of what AI and related technologies have to offer through Laneways Software & Digital.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, AI is the process where scientists simulate human intelligence in a computer and program them to mimic human actions. As a branch of computer science, it has a wide range of processes geared towards building smart machines to perform tasks that typically need human intelligence.

As an interdisciplinary branch of computer science, AI has several approaches. Machine learning and deep learning are the leading approaches whose advancements paradigm change in almost every area in the world of technology.

The current Artificial Intelligence wave is breaking into the world of business at an opportune time. At Laneways Software & Digital, we leverage highly experienced professionals and scientists to transform the AI arena. Trust us to weave robust AI algorithms into your business processes to realize efficiencies, cost optimization, and agility. Applying deep learning and other AI technologies, we uncover most of the neglected needs and provide excellent solutions to business issues, thereby helping you deliver continuous value.

How is Artificial Intelligence used?

Generally, we have two broad categories of artificial intelligence:
Narrow AI Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Narrow AI:

Sometimes known as “weak AI,” this is a simulation of human intelligence and functions within a limited context. Their focus is to carry out a task very well. Although such machines may appear to be intelligent, they work under many limitations. Even the most basic human intelligence can't experience such limitations.

Artificial General Intelligence Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Sometimes called “Strong AI,” this is a machine that has general human intelligence and can utilize intelligence in problem-solving. You’ve probably seen AGI in science fiction movies, like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the robots of Westworld.

What Are Some of the Artificial Intelligence Examples?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are taking over almost every industry as advancement in AI continue to change technology as we know it. Very soon, things like self-driving cars may become common. Some instances of AI include:

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!c

Select the software you deserve for continuous care! On site or cloud, and from developing to final testing. We will work with you every step of that way!

We Value Successful Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using a big picture approach, we take into account several key factors essential to any development of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Machine and Human collaboration

Your business will gain more when bots and brains merge to form a great solution. Let’s inject human judgment into your AI for better performance in terms of both speed and human creativity.

Responsible AI.

We don’t forget the society and communities when developing our AI solutions for users. Core principles guide our processes so that you get desired results without compromising with trust.

Cultural Change Management

With the right machine learning, computer tools, training, and processes, your business will adopt positive changes across all levels and functions.

Innovation Ecosystem

We will help you collaborate with partners that have complementary targets. You will ideate and implement Artificial Intelligence frameworks in a more innovative way.

End-to-End Integration

Rather than concentrating on just one tool or algorithm, we will take into account the whole function, process, or business.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Computer vision services

Text, Video, and Image analytics allow you to derive actionable information for better business efficiency. 

Robotic Process Automation

Automate everyday repetitive tasks to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and mitigate risks. A combination of AI, NLP, and Robotic Process Automation can help your business improve security, operational flexibility, and data quality.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We offer NLP services for businesses to take advantage of text analysis for executing sentiment analysis, extraction of information, intent recognition, and categorization of text.

With the best NLP techniques and tools, you get robust AI-based NLP applications, including text normalization, pattern recognition, and automated text tagging.

Cognitive Customer Analytics

Using personalized service and product recommendations, you can now target your customers more effectively. And with our predictive modeling, neural networks, and AI research, foreseeing your clients’ behavior becomes more effortless. You also get a better understanding of your customers using a 360 Degree Customer view

Are you looking to build Churn management, customer segmentation strategy, and prediction? We are a call away.

Enterprise operational analytics

Actionable and real-time operational analytics minimize manual decision making, improve inter-departmental collaborations, and automate your information management.

Our AI Development Platforms

To serve your business better, we employ various top-notch Artificial Intelligence platforms that are driving industries around the globe:

AWS based AI solutions Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Laneways.Agency

AWS based AI solutions

Amazon Web Services provide artificial intel services in building computer and machine learning models, making applications have more enhanced intelligence. Artificial Intelligence services based on AWS are wide-ranged. As an AWS partner, we at Laneways Software & Digital assures you to provide the best solutions. Check out more details on our service page.

Enjoy the flexibility of deciding on the best framework among the following to perform specific tasks:

Google A.I solutions Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Google A.I solutions

Build a scale-able AI platform to deploy applications on production at a lower price and lightning speed. Enjoy:

Microsoft Azure AI solutions Artificial Intelligence Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Microsoft Azure AI solutions

Build models quickly, accelerate end-to-end artificial intelligence development life cycle, and manage production workflows at scale. Our Azure AI-based solutions for specific tasks include:

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Select the software you deserve for continuous care! On site or cloud, and from developing to final testing. We will work with you every step of that way!