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Are you thinking of developing an android application for your users? Are you wondering which android developer to approach for application creation? Well, look no further! We build secure and well-performing apps for all android devices. From the tablets, phones, TVs, to the android wearable devices we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for in this digital age with our expertise using the android studio system.

Our Unique Android Apps Development Approach

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Analysis of requirements

Laneways Software & Digital offers a complete development strategy starting from the analysis of your specific needs. Once we get to understand your requirements, we get to work. With over 10 years of experience coding applications for android devices, we understand what works for what device and what doesn’t. Yes, you heard that right! We know everything about android apps.

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After first conducting an analysis of your needs for an app, we embark on the coding using the best technologies, languages and approaches mainly utilizing the android studio. We don’t stop it at coding because our main concern is maintaining a happy clientele. We even involve our clients at every phase of the coding process so that we address any concerns.

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We help our customers with pre-launch tests to confirm that the app is fully functional. Our tests involve real feedback from real users to help us improve the app before fully launching it on the play store. After the application launches on Google play, we offer lifetime maintenance and fixing of bugs. We, therefore, only code safe apps- guarantee!

What’s required for Android Application Development?

To code a complete android app, we make use of the latest technologies, languages, and frameworks on our android studio. We’ll also share the databases you should use when learning how to make an app for your devices android.

What Programming Language Do you Apply for Android Apps?

The first step toward successful android apps building is a deep understanding of Java and XML languages. We also leverage Kotlin language for our app creation processes.

Best Frameworks for App Creation

We only work with these frameworks when it comes to our apps. We consider them the best choices among the rest.

They are as listed below: 

Modern Android Application Development Tools

There are a lot of tools that you can utilize to build an android app but we have narrowed it down to a few of our favorites, or as what we would like to call them, the best of the best. They are listed below:

Is Android Application Development Easy?

The question of whether android app creation is easy or difficult is common. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner apps developer applications are difficult to build. Quite frankly, you first need to learn Java and XML, which are technical languages. You also have to learn how to use Android NDK and SDK to know how to make an app for your devices android.

In our company, we understand that not everyone can learn how to create an app, and that’s where we come in- to help you. We’ll bridge the gap and enable you to create best-selling applications thanks to our team of able technicians.

How long will it take to learn android application development?

Another reason why you should hire our company for your app creation is that it could take you between 6 to 20 months to learn how to create an app for android. If you have never learned how to code before, it could even take you longer than 20 months. But, why go through all the trouble while you can utilize our services?

Have a Look at our World-Class Android Development of Apps Services

Probably you’re wondering what we can offer other than coding. Well, we have a proven track of record offering exemplary services to all our global clients.

Customized apps

We build customized applications that align well with your business needs. We understand that we cannot build one app to serve all our customers. Clients have diverse needs that we address with our applications. Whether you want to integrate the apps with your CRM for your employee management or you want to earn from the app—we’ve got you sorted!

We’ll Port Your Applications

Do you want to diversify your applications so that they can reach users on different operating systems? Then what’s separating you from achieving your dream is a phone call to one of our customer executives. We have experience porting apps from the IOS system to the android platform. Most likely you’re wondering why you would need to do that. Here's why; Customized apps Android App Development | Laneways Software & Digital Different devices utilize different operating systems with many users. Apple devices, as well as Android devices, have millions of users. To unleash the full potential of your application, you can choose to have it available on both android and IOS. The process of coding an application from scratch for different platforms can be expensive. Now, we don’t want you to break an arm and a leg trying to avail your app on many platforms. Therefore, we’ll port the app such that it works seamlessly on Google Play and Apple store—saving you money!

User Interface Designing

Our UI/UX team of android developers has mastered the best practices to take your apps to the next level. We build applications that guarantee maximum user engagement. Our apps have a unique user interface that’s not only interactive but also fun for users. Do you know why most applications fail as soon as they first launch? It mostly has to do with the user interface and the UI/UX design. No need to worry because, with our company, such problems are eliminated with our mastery of the android studio.

Thorough Tests

We don’t take any chances with any of our mobile app development, and therefore we perform multiple tests to make sure they’re fast and efficient. Our android app developers dedicate most of their time on the android studio system to make sure we only deliver the best to our esteemed clients.

We build web-based Applications

Web-based android applications are different from mobile apps in the sense that web applications are accessed via a browser and they save data. You don’t have to download the applications on the device with a web app. The good news is that we have an in-house team of android developers ideal for all your web applications. Have you ever wondered how online retail stores, online auctions, or online banking works? Your guess is as good as mine—they run as web-based applications. Another ideal example of a web app is Gmail. Contact us today for such an application.

Why use our Company for your App Development Services for Android?

Whether you want an app for your smartphone, tablet, television, or a wearable—we are your best bet for quality services. Probably you’re wondering why you should hire us for your project while you can use your friend who can do a decent job.

Here is why:

Guaranteed Customer Support 24/7

Picture this: You have a recently developed app for your business, but a certain aspect doesn’t seem to work right. You make so many calls to your app creation company, but none is picked. You feel frustrated, but you don’t know how to create an app, let alone fix an issue. Well, forget about such frustrations if you use our services.

We have agents on call, email, and live chats that are ready to help with any problem. Our agents are well trained to troubleshoot simple problems but can escalate to seasoned android developers if need be. Of course, you want a service provider who will walk with you through the journey, and that’s exactly what we offer.

Quality services

We are qualified coders with experience working with the Android studio for the past 10 years. Within the years we’ve worked as android developers, we’ve achieved a registered trademark as the best android developers of our time. No gambling, you get what you ask for with our company.

From well-performing applications to the bestselling apps on Google Play, we’ve gained a huge reputation from our past clients. We never disappoint. We build apps that not only save data but also get lots of downloads on the Google Play platform.

We understand times are tough, and therefore, we offer unbeatable rates in the industry. You can now enjoy quality services, 24 hours support, and lifetime maintenance at a lower cost.

Hire Us Today for your Next Android Application Development Project!

You already know why we’ve remained the best android developers in the industry. Our quality, coupled with unbeatable rates, will help you elevate your business to the next level. Do you have an idea of an android app but you don’t know how to build one? Contact us today, and we’ll transform your idea into a reality.