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QA & Software Testing Services To Ensure Your Product's Overall Functionality

Software testing is a fundamental process during software development. It evaluates your product’s functionality to determine whether it adheres to specified requirements or not. 

Also, it ensures that your product is secure, reliable, functional, user-friendly, and defects-free.  We are a highly experienced testing company that can test any software, whether simple or complex, small or large. If you’re looking for robust and quality assurance services for your product, your search ends here.

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Functional Testing

The demands and expectations of end-users are ever-growing. To keep up with this pace, we thoroughly test your new software product before its official release. By testing functional areas, we strive to ensure your end users are never disappointed. Laneways Software & Digital ‘s end-to-end functional testing services ensure your system’s behavior complies with all your business needs and operational requirements. After testing functional aspects, your product can work seamlessly, as it was intended.

Security Testing

Hackers are constantly on the lookout for new and vulnerable online resources. Therefore, as a business, you need to be ahead of them by identifying and covering all loopholes through which they can enter your new software. You can leave this to us as you prepare to launch your next big product, custom application, custom crm or service.

We have proven security testing technologies and services that will smoke out any cyber threats and risks. Enjoy excellent automation to keep your company and end-users’ data safe.

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Usability Testing

Your product needs to stand out from the pack. Ensure it looks attractive, convenient, and recognizable. It must speak out about your brand. 

Apart from testing your software’s functionality, we will check how your target audience will receive it. All our clients enjoy quality usability testing services, especially those who prefer custom software development. Our professional engineers will advise you on how you can boost your software’s UX and adoption.

Performance Testing

Before releasing your software, it is necessary to test its quality and reliability under specific workloads. Additionally, there should be sufficient technical resources to will ensure it will work under heavy loads without any technical glitches. 

You can trust our performance testing to ensure your product is free from any bottlenecks and offers reliable service to all end users. We will check how your system behaves under a set of expected load variations. We will also identify your system’s stability over an extended time frame and its maximum operating capacity. That way, you can plan effectively for growth of your service or products over time.

Compatibility Testing

For you to win your customers’ vote of satisfaction, your software must run seamlessly in different databases, browsers, operating systems, networks, hardware, and mobile devices. Additionally, it should work well in different resolutions, versions, configurations, internet speeds, etc. 

We provide compatibility testing that reveals any issue in the software by exposing it to a ‘real’ environment. You’ll get 100% coverage. Your system can then provide services without failure to all users, regardless of the different operating systems and browsers they may use. With that, our API integration services may come in handy!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Select the software you deserve for continuous care! On site or cloud, and from developing to final testing. We will work with you every step of that way!

Why Choose Laneways Software & Digital?

Robust Experience Software Testing | Laneways.Agency

Robust Experience

All our services deliver ultimate results in software quality assurance. Our experts have been performing high-quality testing for companies in Australia and around the world for several years. Having handled different challenges in different industries, we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We bring you the latest ideas and advice when it comes to software development and testing performance. So, with our dedication and experience, you can be sure that we will take care of your product before releasing it.

Proven QA Testing Software Testing | Laneways.Agency

Proven QA testing

We regularly check and improve our QA testing process in real situations. Our IT team strives to understand any test automation technology, process, and challenge so that you get only the best services.

We can provide testimonials from our past and present clients that prove how they’ve gone ahead to provide services to their industries without problems in their systems.

Agile Services Software Testing | Laneways.Agency

Agile services

We understand that you want your software to start providing quality services as quickly as possible so that your brand can start trending. Our team works fast but follows all the steps of Agile development, making sure we don’t compromise on quality. We use a robust framework to work agilely in short sprints. Then, every detail undergoes repeated testing in a scripted process. In the end, you can expect the utmost quality plus improved project transparency for your software products.

How We Do It

Manual/Exploratory Testing Software Testing | Laneways.Agency

Manual/Exploratory Testing

We carry out strict manual and exploratory testing that guarantees stability and quality. 

Through our testing services, we can identify any issues that might be lurking in your system.

With us, you can rest assured that your product will be bug-free in every detail.

Automatic Software Testing | Laneways.Agency

Automatic Software Testing

Automation steps in when the manual process doesn’t look promising. Our team will work with you to map out the workflows and functions most suitable for automation testing. 

They’ll then create scripts for these aspects, boosting repeatability of the test case. After that, the test automation will free up more resources to allow for exploratory and creative checks.

Our Software Testing Process

To address every spot in your system, we follow a strict plan in all our services.

1 - Test Planning

Define the requirements and clarify the testing criteria.

2 - Test Strategy

Perform manual tests such as exploratory tests, smoke tests, user-experience tests and testing test cases. This also involves testing test automation and prepares reports to track and verify possible errors.

3 - Test Execution

Prepare and create ideas, cases, data, scenarios, scripts, and other materials.

4 - Delivery

Verification of requirements and testing again to confirm completion of the process.

5 - Demo Meeting

Work among the QA testing team and present the demo to our customers.

6 - Retrospective Meeting

Identify any potential improvements or bug to enhancements to constantly advance our software testing process.

Laneways Software & Digital Software Testing Technologies

Our Software Testing Technologies | Laneways.Agency
Our Software Testing Technologies 2 | Laneways.Agency

We use leading and premium technologies and testers in testing every aspect of your product. 

Some of them include:

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