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iPad App Development Services: Boost your Business Portability

The demand for iPad app development has skyrocketed as more people continue to fall in love with iPads. The reason is that these iOS devices offer more screen room while maintaining portability and high-quality resolutions. Allow your business to be wherever the iPad-using audience is found.

Perfectly in line with apple's development code

doing some work in iPadLaneways Software & Digital brings on board a professional team that has the right skills and knowledge of Apple’s technologies.

The iPad applications we develop are always in tune with the iTunes App Store’s guidelines. We always aim to develop iPad apps with superior quality, sophistication, and efficiency with every project.

Do you need a team that takes immense care in developing and testing your product to ensure users enjoy a seamless experience with it? We are that team. Be sure to get a cost-effective and on-time solution from us.

We cater to diverse industry verticals and needs

There is no category of iPad or iOS applications that our team has not handled. We are an app development company that has seen everything and provided solutions for B2B and B2C companies around the globe. Trust us to amplify our innovative approaches to meet your needs and specifications.

We have a rich portfolio that includes enterprise apps, games, audio apps, and social networking apps. If you are looking for location-based applications and a lot more, we have you covered. Laneways Software & Digital will gift your business with a mobile app that is within your budget and viable to your industry.

Helping you Scale Higher

Interactive designs

We always keep our designs simple yet effective. Our focus is on the main needs and audience. We usually create apps that have the right native resolutions to suit the large screens of iPads. It's our goal to ensure high-quality visual and interactions. Furthermore, our apps are always faster and high-performing to ensure users enjoy a seamless experience from the homepage to the furthest page. Get apps with great user experience to fire your business to success.

Enhance visibility

Let us improve the visibility of your mobile app on the App store. We don't just develop app on iPad and leave you wondering what next. You'll get customized App Store & marketing solutions to ensure your product becomes the number one choice among the target people. We will optimize the appearance of the landing page to boost the app's discoverability in search results. We shall also inject the right keywords in the description and subtitle to drive more installs. Furthermore, the app shall be in the right category that is most relevant to its functions.

Target specific audience

Get customized and feature-rich iOS apps from our engineers to reach a specific audience. With our services, you'll address iPad users that may need your products and services without sweating too much. If you desire to harness the opportunity that apple search results offer, we shall walk you through it. Keyword optimization and other efforts that enhance app visibility will go a long way towards targeting the right audience. Save great costs by ensuring your targeting efforts don't miss the bull's eye.

Avail iPad benefits

Our customized app will help your business benefit from the amazing characteristics of iPads. Be sure to get an app that caters to your industry needs and targets an iPad-using audience. Let your business be with your clients wherever they are, as they can easily slip their iPads into their briefcase or bag. Take advantage of the iPad's power and high-quality display to attract and engage them. With more room for swiping and touching, an iPad offers a more roomy feel than an iPhone.

We bring Businesses Closer to Clients

Our iPad applications design and development services are:

Your road to Amazing iPad Apps

Our engineers follow the following steps in developing rock-solid iPad apps for businesses:

Requirement gathering

Laneways.Agency team will work with you to understand the project’s requirements. Let us help you work out on a suitable budget, purpose, and marketing strategy. We will follow the best practices in studying your target audience. 

With our iOS app development services, you’ll better understand how to have an iPad app that is viable to the end-users. We will assist you in establishing a roadmap and a budget plan in accordance to Apple App Store guidelines. Our engineers will develop app on iPhone and iPad while following the safety, design, and legal formalities.

Sleek UI/UX design

Our iOS design engineers will create a professional user requirement document to define all the features and functionalities. They will also document user stories, which are the descriptions of each page’s feature. The team will then create a robust wireframe to illustrate the functionalities in the form of images. With our top-notch UI and UX design skills, your app’s pages will have seamless workflow and interactions.

Plan the architecture

We adhere to the main principle of iOS app development on iPad. Our iPad and iPhone app development team understand how to arrange the data, software and user interface to develop iOS app. Before the iPad app building process, they’ll collaborate and work simultaneously on the front and back end development. Therefore, the iPad mobile app will have robust scalability and stability.

App development

The first impression always lasts for long. Our front-end engineers will code and build the different design features of the iPad app using a suitable programming language and tools. Our goal here is to make the users stay for long and coming back for more. 

To ensure the iOS app maintain reliable operation without failure, our back-end developers will put together all the skills and technologies needed to build the server-side. The final product will work perfectly with all screen orientations and application modes.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance team will subject the iPad app to rigorous tests at every stage. We want you to get a bug-free app that delivers high-quality performance. The final app will pass all the iOS and Apple store’s guidelines. We usually test for security, compliance, performance, and usability. The app will undergo both manual and automated testing in real life with real users.


Your iPad app is now ready to be introduced to the iOS world. Our team will submit it to the app store. First, we will create its identifier and provisional profile for distribution. Then we will configure the Xcode build settings and create a listing. After these and other requisites, we assure you that the product will pass the review process. 

Get ready to release your first version. If you need us to promote and market the app to reach the target audience, no problem, we got you covered.

24/7 Support & maintenance

We don’t just build the iOS mobile app and disappear. Once published, we shall be there to offer regular updates to the features of the mobile app. We are here to make sure all features are in line with the latest iOS updates. 

Our iOS engineers and support team are on standby 24/7 in case users experience any issue. They are always friendly and knowledgeable. You can reach us via phone, email or live chat. Let us continue serving you long after the deployment stage.

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