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What is a cloud application? A cloud application or cloud computing is a software where a user’s personal or shared files are accessed through a web browser or an online application. The files are managed within the servers. 

These cloud application servers are stored in a remote data hub and are regulated by a third-party cloud services provider. 

Examples of files that are stored in cloud applications are photos, email, customer relationship management (CRM) data, as well as financial accounts.

Real-world examples of cloud computing applications are Google Docs, Dropbox, Facebook, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). As long as a user is connected to the internet, these applications allow file storage and sharing. While some applications are free, many of these software solutions are offered on a freemium or paid basis.

Types of Cloud Servers

Cloud Computing Advantages

With ever-growing data size and the fluctuating bandwidth use, utilizing cloud applications may be very beneficial to your business.

Here are its proven benefits:

Security Cloud Application Development | Laneways.Agency


Many cloud providers are in partnership with the best data security experts in the world. Companies no longer have to worry as much about security breaches and other threats that they may encounter. In terms of data security, cloud services offer regular back-ups that could save a business in case of trouble.
Adaption Cloud Application Development | Laneways.Agency


Cloud computing apps can quickly and easily adapt to a company’s needs as they change and update. Also, Cloud computing providers contacts evolve their platforms to work with system or technology changes, or technological advancements that are now taking place almost daily. Best of all, this mostly requires little to no input from you, the end-user.

Cost Reduction Cloud Application Development | Laneways.Agency

Cost Reduction

The market for cloud application development services has been saturated recently, and that has led to lower costs. Aside from that, deploying cloud migration of your business’ data means that there is no need to purchase and maintain storage equipment and hardware. Using cloud apps is truly a cost-effective way of developing custom software.

API Utilization Cloud Application Development | Laneways.Agency

API Utilization

The application programming interface (API) is the bridge between different software channels. The use of API allows cloud applications to connect with other applications and API backend services for analysis-computing and migration. The API then forwards the results to the cloud app.

Cloud apps make use of more well-rounded APIs that offer better solutions to software development applications. Softwares can miss out on a lot of things if they don’t get to deploy API solutions.

Scalability Application Development | Laneways.Agency


A business is not a business without expansion. Cloud application development provides the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade a company’s data capacity. Scalability makes services cloud applications rise against native location storage.

Laneways Software & Digital provides expert cloud platform solutions and development services that are parallel to the needs of your company.

Laneways Software & Digital’s development team constantly receives updates and training to be able to deploy simple and complex web and IT-related software solutions. We also take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help us produce an outmatched services.

This is possible with our official partnership with AWS Technology. This partnership gives us access to dedicated technical advice when implementing your projects, ensuring you get the very best and latest solution. 

Whatever your software and cloud app needs, we deliver and cover the three types of Cloud Computing:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Application Development | Laneways.Agency

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software-as-a-Service is the most common and most widely-used cloud service. The operating system of SaaS is heavily dependent on a user who will be able to receive the cloud services through a web browser, a mobile or desktop app. Laneways Software & Digital's SaaS services are an all-in-one package that is conclusive and budget-friendly. We offer exceptional solutions, like cloud ERP that are easy to build for basic packages and complex solutions. We carry out everything that involves the formation of SaaS applications, from the architecture design and development to the testing and troubleshooting. So, users should have a far more seamless experience in their cloud data storage.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Application Development | Laneways.Agency

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Platform-as-a-Service is the most economical way to create custom software development applications. PaaS makes use of available third-party APIs that are employable to the unique application. Imagine an automated service that caters to your company's unique requirements. PaaS mitigates the time and effort that are carried out in developing a customized cloud app while maintaining all the intermediary functions that revolve around the app. Laneways Software & Digital's PaaS solutions help our clients get the most cost-effective measures in the deployment of PaaS and their unique application. Our official partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes this easier. AWS offers over a hundred cloud computing solutions (RDS, EC2, etc.) that companies can apply in their service solutions. AWS also guarantees seamless cloud migration and integration. Being the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, AWS application development is also known to be the number one in the world.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Application Development | Laneways.Agency

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

In Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud application development, everything from the servers to the virtualization is carried out by the provider. While users can easily manage the apps and the operating system. Laneways Software & Digital works with Microsoft Azure in the development of IaaS and the deployment of public, private, or hybrid clouds. Microsoft Azure's solutions are involved with every development stage of the cloud apps—storage, backup, testing, big data analysis, high-performance computing, web hosting, and migration (if applicable). Everything is easily done and updated when using IaaS.

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Laneways Software & Digital’s Cloud application development services are a notch above the rest. We provide systematic and first-class cloud app solutions that tailor to your company’s needs. Besides that, our development team can provide an in-depth study and analysis of your requirements before commencing. We also make sure that all of your company’s cloud development concerns will be managed with the attention to detail, creativity, and passion we are known for. Come work with us.

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