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We offer professional Digital Marketing Solutions. 

You are in business to make profits. Your online marketing effort is among the leading factors that will either make or break your business. We are an Australian digital marketing company that serves B2B and B2C clients of all types. 

Our full-time experts work tirelessly to boost our clients’ revenue. Our top-notch experience is the reason we stand out from the pack.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Local SEO Services

Your clients want quick answers. They are looking for products and services near them. Will they come across your business at the exact time? Will you be their choice? Increase your chances by marketing online. Companies are taking advantage of local SEO. We will help you optimize your website's online presence for local search results. We offer a targeted and strategic approach that is unique from general SEO services. We will help your brick-and-mortar business to win against the competitors. Get consistent local signals across Google’s local searches today.

Social Media Marketing

There are several social media platforms currently. Each of them needs a different approach. Additionally, those days when social media marketing used to be straightforward are long gone. Figuring out the right social media plan may be overwhelming. Businesses today are struggling with the dreadful issue of analysis paralysis. That’s why we strive to create customized social media strategies from scratch. Let us create a concise plan that will propel your brand. Get a more purposeful approach to tackling your goals. The method includes nailing down your social goals, engaging the targeted audience, and optimizing results.

Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

Are you looking to attract more qualified leads to your website? PPC will help you do exactly that. Also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), it will fetch you qualified visitors that are more likely to make a purchase. Such buyers are usually found at the bottom of the buyer funnel. However, PPC is a complex advertisement discipline. It includes several ad networks, ad formats, and terms/acronyms. You can easily blow up your budget if you don’t understand the game. Let’s help you implement the right PPC strategies to grow your brand. Get the right experience and skills for your business website.

Content Writing

The state of your website content tells more about your business. Bloated, confused, and sloppy website content writing portrays a negative online presence. Consequently, you’ll lose sales even if your products and services are great. Get stellar web writing across the board. Start earning more shares, backlinks, and trust now. More clients are trusting brands that have invested in their website content. Say goodbye to wastage of time in researching and writing relevant content. We know how to create the right brand perception, attract traffic, and boost conversions.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is not a new kid on the block. However, its importance has increased in every channel. Social media platforms are leading to integrating video marketing. Your social strategy relies on video as one of the central campaign efforts. If you are not using video marketing, you are missing a lot. But don’t fret. You can trust our expertise to create a simple yet enticing video for your website. We will keep it authentic so that your audience resonates easily with your brand. We have the right camera equipment, editing software, lighting, and professionalism.

Email Marketing

Businesses have been using email marketing for centuries now. It is the best way of directly reaching your leads and nurturing them. You can turn your leads into customers more effectively if you engage in robust email marketing services. Our experts can help you build an email address list of laser targeted clients. We will work with your business website to boost your email’s open rates and click-through rates (CTR). Are you looking to automate the nurturing and nconversion processes? Get the solution from our internet services. Marketing is now easier with our services.

Digital Marketing Tailored To Your Business

Your company needs a tailored online advertisement strategy. There is no single digital marketing solution that fits every business’s website. Work with a marketing team that has experts for every type of digital marketing.
The team should also bring on board a depth of experience. Such an organization can customize a solution that will boost your business’ return on investment. Partner with us today. Our Australian digital marketing company takes each case with the attention that it deserves.

Why we are the best choice for your business

At Laneways Software & Digital, we strive to deliver a stellar performance. We do everything from a business website owner’s viewpoint. Therefore, we serve your company like ours.

Online marketing is a long-term investment. You need to create long-lasting relationships and not just acquiring clients. Our experts will ensure you get the peace of mind.

Get a dedicated account manager to take care of all your company’s digital marketing needs. Detailed monthly reports will show you how digital efforts relate to your bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is internet marketing?

Digital marketing is a collection of strategies that uses the internet to drive attention to businesses. It is also known as digital or online marketing. The role of an internet marketing service is to help your business website get found and noticed. 

It also helps you to nurture leads and convert them into actual customers. The different digital marketing strategies include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing, and affiliate marketing. Others are social media marketing (SMM), video marketing, and content writing.

What is an internet marketing company?

It is an organization that specializes in one or more of digital marketing areas. It helps in improving your company’s online presence. A great digital marketing agency should have the right digital technologies for this purpose. 

It should also have experts for each of the online marketing area. That way, it can help your business plan, implement, and monitor the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

What are the services in digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a family of several online advertisement channels. We have Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Advertising (SMM), Video, Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Writing, and Email Marketing. However, agencies are increasingly embracing a more holistic approach to online advertisements. 

Therefore, the boundaries of each discipline are becoming thinner. For example, video often merges with social media marketing. That way, your business website achieves more robust results.

What is an internet marketing strategy?

It is an outline of the steps your business will take to realize its online advertising goals. However, that is just the simplest form of digital marketing strategy. In reality, these strategies tend to be complex. 

They often include many moving parts. It is crucial to define goals clearly. Your SEO agency should also help you ensure every outlined action focuses on the success of your SEO objectives.

What are the benefits of Digital marketing?

More people are now using the internet as a medium of communication. Therefore, your company website can reach your target audience without breaking the bank. You don’t need to sweat, looking for how to reach them best. 

One of the most significant benefits of SEO and other digital advertising methods is the ability to monitor performance and determining the ROI. Therefore, they have an advantage over radio, television and other traditional means of advertising.