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Laneways Software & Digital is a digital enterprise that provides reliable mobile app development services in apps development. Whether you need an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Enterprise app, we have you covered. Let’s build products that will work seamlessly on all mobile devices to push your brand forward. Our team of engineers understands every type of mobile devices down to their cores.

Mobile Apps: Key to High-Quality Digital Life Experience

  • Apple App Development

    Are you looking to have a stress-free apple application for your business? Your search ends here. Let's create applications that will work seamlessly across all iPhones and iPads devices.

  • Android App Development

    Android users are leading the pack worldwide. Take advantage of our services to reach them wherever they are and skyrocket your enterprise.

  • Enterprise App Development

    Let's automate your enterprise processes so that you stay at the top of the competition. Using our easy-to-learn applications, you can now say goodbye to wastage of time and resources.


We Follow a Rigorous Process

Kick-off: Thoroughly Research your needs

We have to understand your end-users‘ needs to ensure they’ll have a seamless service. Additionally, we do extensive research on current trends to help you stay unique and ahead of your competitors. With this data, the engineers will sketch the envisioned product for efficient collaboration.

We will then wireframe the idea by arranging the components into easy-to-understand content. At this stage, we shall incorporate your brand and essential data. Any technical limitations shall be eliminated.

Feasibility and Prototype: Water-tight ideas
Our programmers will check to see if the back-end systems will support the functionalities of your product. Therefore, expect us to inject new ideas and eliminate any initial input that is not feasible. The engineers will then create a rapid prototype to get the app’s concept into the user’s hands. That way, we will get feedback on whether we are moving in the right direction.
Design: Sleek UI & UX

Our user experience (UX) designer creates the relationship between the design elements, while our User Interface (UI) experts architects the feel and look of the product. The engineers perform the whole design and development process using the relevant methodology.

We will develop a working prototype to validate the assumptions and functionality.

Development: Clean Coding

Our experts will code the application carefully from the core functionality to the actual product. No critical data and features shall be left out. The product will also undergo rigorous testing at each stage before going to a group of real users for further testing and validation.

The tests include checking for compatibility, usability, stress, security, interface checks, and performance. After that, your application is suitable for use.

24/7 Support: Maintain Reliability

As users access and use your applications, you’ll get feedback on its real use. We are here to provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Using real-time data, our developers will work to eliminate any reported bugs.

Get 24/7 assistance to ensure your application gets back as quickly as possible in case of any reported issue. Our professional support will ensure you remain reliable as you provide your products and services to your customers. 

Why Trust Us?

Laneways Software & Digital has bagged several years of experience in mobile application development. Our engineers have all the skills required to bring your idea into reality. Get top-notch services from one of the leading technology companies.

We use the latest technologies in Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Our mobile apps development services have solved challenges for both top brands and startups.


What are mobile services?

Mobile services are a collection of intangible activities that happens when clients interact with systems or employees of a service provider. A mobile telecommunication network usually supports such functions. Users have to spend on data charges for them to access these services. 


Laneways.Agency deals with providing mobile apps development services. We develop applications for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Enterprises.

Why does your company need mobile application services?

According to Statista, the number of smart-phone users is now more than 3 Billion worldwide. Statistics also prove that the average smart-phone user spends more than two hours on their phones each day. They use their devices to search for information or just hang out online. 


Additionally, mobile phone data is becoming cheaper as each day dawns. You don’t have to break a bank to connect your device to the internet.


Therefore, grab these opportunities to connect your business to as many people as possible. Through push notifications to your clients’ devices, you can market to them directly. Apps can also help in cementing your brand recognition as you provide well-branded features that are beautifully designed.


Using the application, your clients can access your business information in a few clicks. Consequently, you’ll beat the competition as not many businesses have apps.

What are the types of mobile apps?

Based on the type of technology applied, we have three groups: native, web, and hybrid apps. Native apps support a single specific operating system or platform. On the other hand, a web application is your website’s responsive version that your clients can use via mobile browsers.


Users can access and use web apps via any operating system or mobile device. Lastly, we have hybrid apps. As the name suggests, these are a combination of web and native apps. Laneways.Agency provides mobile services and products in all these categories. 

What should I consider when searching for mobile application developers?

Expertise is the most important thing that you need to pay attention to during your search for your next application developer. Almost every business is looking for these mobile services. Therefore, mobile application developers have sprung up to capitalize on the demand. However, most of these mobile service providers promise gold but deliver dust. You need to look into their technologies. What do other customers say about their products and services?

How Laneways Software & Digital mobile service approach apps development?

Our team of experts considers a mobile application as one of the most critical assets of any business enterprise. Whether you need a native, web, or hybrid application, your search ends here. We give every project the attention it deserves, from the research phase to the deployment stage. 


Having dealt with popular platforms and internet phones, we know how to follow all the specific platform’s requirements without missing any detail or data.