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Reach your Business Goals with Powerful Website Development Services

Great web design and development are both functional and informational. It leads your prospects into what every business wants to achieve: building trust and turning leads into customers. 

Web development is the process of building, creating, designing, and maintaining a website for a digital space or the internet. It is crucial for web designers and developers to create a fast, functioning, and seamless web design that suits every big or small business and their endeavors. With great website design and development, businesses can easily convert website visitors into paying customers.

Laneways Software & Digital Develops Websites that are Tailor-made to what your Business Offers

Laneways Software & Digital is a development company that applies advanced techniques, tools, and creative measures that are crucial to web design and development. Our developers stay up-to-date with the latest digital innovations related to web development through ongoing training and personal development. Further, our web designers take advantage of the latest trends and disciplines in digital creative work, UI/UX and processes to give the best web development service to every business big or small.

Customized Service

Our web development services adapt to what your company needs. Our process involves the SCRUM Framework which indicates transparency between our team and yours. We consistently update you on the progress of our development and web design services for you. This results in fast implementation and coherent solutions. If there's a need for revisions, we are happy to do them. Aligned with this service are 2 pricing models that you can choose from.

Fixed Pricing: Tell us what website you want to build. With defined specification, we can develop it and quote you with a fixed price. No more, no less.

Flexible Pricing: This model is perfect for innovative projects where the website requires flexibility and scalability. These types of projects might require changes throughout its development. Where ongoing changes are expected, this pricing model has often proved to cost less than the Fixed Pricing.

Best Support

From time to time, you'll need support. Rest assured that when you're encountering technical difficulties, our support team is at your service. They are proficient in resolving any concerns regarding your ongoing mobile and website development and maintenance. Best of all, their friendly services are available 7 days a week.

Web and Mobile

We develop websites that run smoothly across platforms. We ensure that the sites work seamlessly as you switch through different devices. You won't have to worry about the updates you made on mobile because updates will automatically be deployed on the computer desktop, and vice versa.

Beautiful and Functional Themes

Our website designer team will create the perfect website that's clean, easy on the eyes, and functions according to what your company offers. Our UX designers develop websites with a seamless and operative user interface. Whatever industry you are coming from, they'll use their full creativity for designs that speak for your company or your brand. We're proud to say they're among the best you can find in web designing sites and mobile sites.

Diverse CMS

Our team receives constant updates and training and coaching from the best CMS leaders. They can develop websites using various CMS: WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Joomla!, and more. Whatever web CMS you choose, we' ve got you covered.

Usability, Flexibility, and Scalability

We make sure that our web development process and user interfaces can be used by your team easily. Your site will be designed to be able to be updated seamlessly, from any device or platform. When your business grows, the created web design and development follows.

Partner with a software development team one that's passionate about creating success

With the broadness of the internet, and it’s continuous expansions across different platforms it is hard to leave a mark that lasts. With digital marketing services, easily make a mark of your own that pulls customers in from different parts of the internet.

The Importance of a Functional Website

Does it feel like your search for top functioning and best-designed websites is unending? Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Our web developers and website designers build websites that function not just with the target customer in mind, but for all web visitors as well. Our web design and its development truly stands out from a saturated market in the digital space.

Laneways Software & Digital develops websites with wonderful web design and great functionality.

Here are the features of our excellent web development:

A website that appeals to your target customer and even other visitors

We deliver our website services for your business with your customers in mind. It should also appeal to everyone who visits your site, but with an extra focus on your target customers. Think of why your target customers would visit your site and what they need from it?


The website we develop will engage with your leads so that they want to spend more time exploring and considering your services. They will leave your website having had a pleasurable experience so that they’ll want to revisit it in the future. 

Fast loading time

We work hard so that the websites we build loads within 5 to 6 seconds. Visitors know that there’s virtually unlimited information around in the digital space, so if your website does not load fast enough they can easily move on to the next site. We ensure fast loading of your website so that it can stand out in the vast digital space.


A website’s speed can also affect its rank in search engine results. The faster it is, the higher it is likely to rank.

Enhanced Navigation

A simple web design, that can inform a visitor efficiently about business’s services, is better than a complicated one. Intuitive navigation makes a visitor scroll through the parts and categories of a website with ease. To make the navigation work, we free the elements of your website from clutter.


Despite that, all information regarding your business and services can still be easily accessed.

Great Information Architecture

It’s important that all information about your company and its services are well placed on the website and kept up to date. Fast loading time website development | Laneways.Agency Our team will present everything in a way that is organized and put into the correct sections and categories. This helps direct potential customers’ interest towards relevant services.

Exceptional Visual Design

People are visual creatures. Aside from fast loading speeds, having a great visual design can decide whether a visitor will make time to look more into your website or not.


Laneways.Agency’s web designers choose the right colors and imagery for the website that appeals to your customers. We ensure that what we design will speak for your brand identity and to what services your business offers.

Mobile Friendly

The web development work we offer will function well on desktops, tablets and mobiles. More people are using mobile phones than computers nowadays, so every website we create should be mobile-friendly. This ensures that your business is able to expand its reach, especially to those urgently looking for your services on their phone.


This also affects the website’s rank in search engines.

Improved analytics reporting

We develop responsive sites that guarantee our customers easier monitoring of where all the web traffic is coming from. Our developers ensure that all web visits will be recorded and analyzed properly. This will help your marketing team, as well as our development team, be able to see where we should put more focus.

Improved SEO

Great functionality comes with Better SEO. We ensure that the web development we build is 100% SEO optimised. This is because search engines favor sites, and send them more traffic, based on their ease of use and the value of the information they contain.


We ensure that our solutions for your website is implemented so that your site ranks well in search engines.

Better Offline Browsing

Now that most desktop computers, tablets, and phones are HTML5-enabled, we design responsive sites that make it possible for people to view applications and sites without being connected to the internet.


A functional website with a wonderful design is key for your business. Let’s do that for you.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!c

Select the software you deserve for continuous care! On site or cloud, and from developing to final testing. We will work with you every step of that way!