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Cloud ERP Solutions to Optimize your Business Process

What is ERPs Meaning? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process management software where you employ a system of integrated applications to operate your business processes more smoothly. It automates all the back-office functions such as services, technology, and human resources.

Typically, ERP software integrates all operational facets in a single application, user interface, and database. Such facets include product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and supply chain.

What is Cloud ERP Software?

It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables you to access the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software over the internet. As we shall discuss later, you can engage a hosting provider to offer cloud-based management and solutions, or decide to go locally on your own.

What is Cloud ERP Software Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

On-premises ERP vs. Cloud-based ERP solutions

In your treasure hunt for an ERP solution that will enhance the management of your businesses, a myriad of choices are probably bombarding you. As you weigh your options, you’ll need to decide whether to go with a cloud-based ERP solution or install it locally.

As the name suggests, on-premise ERP solutions are implemented locally on your business server and hardware. Your IT team manages everything concerning the setup.

On the other hand, cloud ERP is a software that runs on a cloud computing platform that your vendor provides and manages centrally. You can access it using a web browser.

Compared to on-premises ERP solutions, cloud-based ERP software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can able to deliver the required output that is efficient in business growth.

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software

Everything in one place

Cloud ERP provides a more robust platform integration that brings more cloud technologies’ values to your business management. Say goodbye to expensive and separate products that lead to highly “siloed” architecture.

Face disruption head-on

Businesses need solutions that boost their agility and flexibility now more than ever before. Cloud ERP offers exactly that. Your business can easily and quickly react to disruption in the marketplace because deploying the ERP software doesn’t come with many hassles.

Make the most of your investment

The distinct long-term cost advantage that cloud-based ERP offers should surpasse the initial upfront cost by far. You don’t need to spend recurring IT labor costs in the management of physical databases, as your provider takes care of them.

Embrace the next generation

Millennials are taking the next workforce generation by storm. You should be at par with their pace for your business to benefit from their tech-savvy talents. Cloud ERP has amazing app capability, a necessary feature for the current digital age.

Focus on the core business

Leave the data storage and technology management to your cloud ERP provider and focus on improving your business’ bottom line. Vendors are specialized in offering the latest updates and services that evolve along with your business.

Continuous upgrading

Your provider will offer real-time updates, enabling you to use the most advanced and latest versions. Today’s top cloud applications come on robust platforms that carry forward your integrations and customization automatically.

Enhanced system accessibility and performance

Top engineering work always goes into designing cloud software infrastructure from the ground up to ensure top-notch network performance and application availability. Additionally, cloud ERP’s performance can adapt to your business demands more efficiently. It can provide real-time data and adjust automatically to handle spikes in operations.

High deployment speed

Say no to time wastage in procurement and installation of IT infrastructure. You can easily roll it out ERP across multiple divisions, departments, and subsidiaries of your business without the high costs that go we localized solutions. Better still, the process is generally very fast, often taking months compared to the years that you would have wasted with on-premise ERP solutions.

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Types of Cloud ERP

Single-tenant Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency


Here, you have your own ERP application and auxiliary infrastructure hosted at a public cloud service provider location. You simply access the app online since your provider hosts it on a cloud server. If you’ve been looking for an ERP software that increases your privacy, single-tenant may be the answer. You can also exercise more freedom in customizing and configuring your system the way you wish.

Multi-tenant Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency


Multi-tenant solutions use a single instance of software to provide services to several clients. Therefore, your business shares the same cloud-based ERP software to store data. If your budget is tight, or you don’t need many custom functionalities, why not go with this option? The cost is lower since you’ll be sharing maintenance and development costs with other tenants.

Private Cloud ERP Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Private Cloud ERP

With Private Cloud ERP your organization’s applications are operated by you behind your firewall on your infrastructure - accessible via the internet. All your management and administration are accessible from a single location. Therefore, it allows you to exercise total security and control over your system's environment.

What are the best cloud ERP solutions for a small business?

As a small business owner, you need a cloud ERP software that will serve you effectively without breaking your bank account. If you’re looking to significantly boost all your functions and processes, the ERP software should come with attractive features and benefits built-in.

Here are just some of the crucial things to look for in an ERP suite:

Lead management

You probably go through a lot of sweat and tears to acquire your leads. Therefore, the software should have robust mechanisms that manage the leads in one location effectively. It should also assist your business in analyzing your lead acquisition expenditure for better decisions.

Inventory management

A robust cloud ERP organizes your inventory so that your business enjoys improved continuity in operations. Your employees won’t spend the whole day looking for a single item needed urgently. With this software, expect much-reduced backlogs in the supply chain and other processes.

Real-time reporting and analytics

A high-quality cloud ERP system acts as centralized, real-time sources of truth for all stakeholders in your businesses. They offer visualizations and analysis tools to help team members display data clearly to everyone involved. As such, it helps you identify ‘success stories’ whilst simultaneously empowering you to prepare for potential problems.

Mobile Apps Integration

A cloud ERP system with high scalability can be accessed from any device, including a mobile phone during an emergency. Mobile devices are more portable than computers, for instance, when you’re on your morning jog. Just be sure the app hasn’t left out any feature that’s vital to your business management.

User Interface

Efficient business management becomes possible when you can navigate all the vital features and extras without any hassles. Always go for top-of-the-game user interfaces when it comes to intuitiveness, responsiveness, and configuration. You also want a minimal design that will not take too much space on your screen. Of course, if you will use a mobile phone to access software for your businesses from time to time, make sure it’s mobile optimised for speed and user-friendliness.

Technical support

Your provider should offer reliable technical support to your business during and after the implementation of the ERP cloud. You want to focus on your core business management areas rather than spending too much time and money on dealing with tech-related issues.

We are here to help

Are you looking for a cost-effective and flexible option for your promising enterprise? Look no further. Our experienced engineers have designed our ERPs to be among the most flexible in the market.

We’ve been providing professional cloud development solutions to many businesses for several years now. And our cloud application development services guarantee our users to have a seamless SaaS application experience.

Here at Laneways Software & Digital, we can ensure you get access to every one of the benefits you dream of enjoying from your cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Our services will allow you to enjoy:

Device independence ERP Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Device independence

easily change from one device to another without losing any vital feature. Whether you want to use it on Google Android, Mac, Windows, Apple iPads, or Linux desktop, we have you covered.
Sufficient power ERP Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Sufficient power

our cloud software will cater to your current needs and expand with your business. You can trust us to serve your needs professionally at every stage of your success story.
Deployment options ERP Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Deployment options

we can work out a solution for your business processes based on your budget and needs. Feel free to choose between our single-tenant, multi-tenant, or private cloud options. You can always switch between the options without headaches.
Data accessibility ERP Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency

Data accessibility

want to check, copy, or move something in the data storage? Our ERP systems allow you to easily do that and much more without restrictions.
Security Cloud ERP Solutions | Laneways.Agency


we partner with the world’s leading security providers to ensure we’re always alert to the ever-increasing number of cyber thieves and security threats. With our cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), you can trust us to keep everything safe as you focus on other important activities in your business management. 

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