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Laneways Software & Digital is an all-in-one eCommerce solutions provider for B2B and B2C businesses. We understand how global market dynamics are increasing the need for online set-ups. Running a physical business alone is not enough. Let us offer custom solutions to help you sell online and increase lead conversion.

Responsive Design eCommerce solutions | Laneways.Agency

Responsive Design

We can help you have an eCommerce website that can adapt to any screen size. Our aim is always to ensure your online store content renders differently depending on the size of the device. Why force the users to resize the products’ content for a better view? 

Since more people now own mobile phones, a responsive design will allow you to attract more mobile traffic. Additionally, it is cheaper to develop and maintain a responsive design. Having a standard desktop website in addition to a stand-alone mobile application is costly.

Customized to the core eCommerce solutions | Laneways.Agency

Customized to the core

Unlock new business opportunities using a tailor-made eCommerce solution. Let us tailor a custom, upgradable, and scalable online store for you. As you start selling your products, we will help your online assets grow with the customer base at the same pace.

Our products’ design solutions target your online business’ unique needs. Some of these needs include Search Engine ranking and customer retargeting. We also partner with leading payment processing companies and data security companies.

24/7 Hosting eCommerce solutions | Laneways.Agency

24/7 Hosting

Ecommerce hosting is crucial to your website’s user experience. Ultimately, it determines your business’ success—the team at Laneways Software & Digital has experience in global hosting. We can help you shift to a more compelling online store hosting provider.

We collaborate with fast and secure providers that have a reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN). Therefore, your business benefits from 24/7 website uptime and optimum load time. Our services promote a smooth customer experience and sales process.

Even in times of high internet traffic, you don’t have to worry anymore. Give us the job and watch how your customers’ satisfaction and retention rates will shoot up.

Your eCommerce success in 3 steps

Solution-focused Consultation

Remember to involve a dependable online business consulting partner in your strategy. It will enable you to have a store with the right features, plugins, and branding.

It can also help in future growth to rake in better ROI. Our engineers tailor every eCommerce solution to give you a strong launch.

We help you identify your customers' buying personas and established customer paths. We will then create customized sales and marketing processes based on the findings.

Professional Implementation

Your next step is implementation so that the business can start growing returns immediately after launch. With our all-in-one services, you can just sit back and watch the successful set-up of your business strategy.

We combine a proven eCommerce solution with robust business software systems. This allows us to supercharge your business processes from the launch stage.

Additionally, our engineers will work with you to tailor an eCommerce solution that suits your particular business needs.

Ongoing support at every step

From inception, your online business needs constant and expert support. Our team of specialists always offer industry-grade consultancy. We are here to keep your business operating without a glitch.

We partner with you to provide customized solutions befitting your changing needs as the business grows. Laneways Software & Digital cherishes lasting partnerships.

Therefore, we're dedicated to updating your online business' software to accommodate its evolution.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!c

Select the software you deserve for continuous care! On site or cloud, and from developing to final testing. We will work with you every step of that way!

Why trust us?

Tailor-made solutions

Laneways Software & Digital understands that no two businesses can ever be the same. Therefore, we offer customized expert consultancy.

Any client that knocks at our door returns with a workable solution for his business. Since we value teamwork, we collaborate with our clientele to provide personalized stores.

You need this foundational step to help you establish an in-depth view of your current online strategy. Get our digital products and services to help you develop a more elaborate e-commerce business roadmap.

Proven Expertise

We have worked with different businesses in diverse industries. Expect our specialists to come with a powerful eCommerce solution that promotes innovative ideas. 

We know what each online shop is looking for when it comes to attracting online traffic. Let us integrate a personalized approach to your project with bespoken expertise and knowledge. 

If you’re looking for exceptionally on-point online store design and development, your search ends here.

Friendly Team

Laneways Software & Digital is a full-stack provider of online store design and development services. It is our business to understand what you need inside-out. Our executive team comprises project managers and business analysts.

They review your business’ strategy then outline its short and long-term objectives. Our technical bench consists of eCommerce developers and quality assurance specialists.

We also have UX and UI design engineers alongside other technical personnel. Let us handle all the technical aspects of the store.

Rock-Solid Technologies

We employ the best eCommerce software and solution in one place. Expect our experts to recommend the best eCommerce platform that will provide rewarding business processes. 

You will get access to order processing, inventory management, sales management, and resource planning systems. All those are important for providing unrivaled services. 

We can recommend Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and WordPress, or any other suitable platform. Our goal is always to make the customer experience a breeze.


What are the eCommerce solutions?

These are the services that you need require to run a successful online venture. They range from eCommerce web design to hosting, marketing campaigns to business analytics. Collectively, these solutions enable you to conduct online business effectively.


Clients can browse your website to view displayed products and services and place an order. They can make a payment for the products, and wait for the delivery from the comfort of their couch.

What eCommerce solutions do you offer at Laneways Software & Digital?

We are full-stack eCommerce experts. Get customized all-in-one website design and development, and customization. We also offer online store hosting consultation and marketing analytics services.


Get these and other digital products and services at competitive prices. In short, we have a solution for every challenge thrown at us.

What is the best free eCommerce platform?

Best eCommerce platforms you can use to create a converting website come in different capabilities. You can opt for Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, GoDaddy, WordPress, or Wix. It all depends on your particular business needs. 


Woocommerce WordPress is the best platform that allows you to design your website free of charge. It offers a fantastic yet free inventory management solution. You’ll have a chance to organize data concerning your products. All you need to do is purchase a custom domain, hosting account, and a free theme.


You can then install the store in a few easy clicks of the button. However, you may need an expert to customize the store so that you stand out from the pack.

Is it possible to build a new online store while my old website is still live?

Yes, you can create a new online store without pulling down the old one. Our team of engineers has the right solution to enable you to launch a new website. They can then help you migrate the entire data of your customers and products to the new website.


We’ll also help you to divert traffic to the new site once it’s live. This way, you can keep all your customers and improve your services in one go.

What should you consider when looking for an eCommerce solutions provider?

Many factors influence your choice of provider. However, you should select a certified and established all-house provider with seasoned market knowledge. The provider should integrate proven winning business strategies into your eCommerce enterprise.


Remember to stay within a set budget to keep your expenses within profitable margins. We are one of the most sought-after eCommerce engineers.

Partner with a software development team one that's passionate about creating success

With the broadness of the internet, and it’s continuous expansions across different platforms it is hard to leave a mark that lasts. With digital marketing services, easily make a mark of your own that pulls customers in from different parts of the internet.