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Modern Cloud Development Services to Increase Your Business Agility

What is Cloud Based Development? Cloud development is the process of creating applications or computing solutions that can be operated entirely on web-based platforms. It provides enhanced flexibility to build and deploy new applications as compared to in-house software development.

What are the different types of cloud services? 

Cloud services are mainly web-based services that utilize scalable, reliable, and virtual resources that enable you to choose the level of control over your data and services.

A huge variety of cloud for developers services are available as a great platform for a cloud provider or technology department to develop unique services, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for small fees.

This gives them the capacity to focus on significant cloud application projects and avoid consistent maintenance, procurement, and planning operations.

Over time, these services have been divided mainly into three extensive service types, which are:

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IaaS Cloud Computing Services

IaaS, also known as Infrastructure as a Service, is the first and most comprehensive cloud computing service offering for your business, with a digital infrastructure comprising computing, storage, networking, and security tools. Acquiring IaaS allows customers to configure, install, and manage any software needed, including middleware, operating systems, applications, development tools, and business analytics. This assists in eliminating the capital expenditures of creating internal infrastructure.

It is an excellent alternative for small companies and start-ups that do not have the means to buy the type of software and hardware needed to build their internal network, yet who still want to have the maximum control and responsibility for their hardware and software stack. In other words, the IaaS Provider supplies the hardware and basic infrastructure and the company supplies the rest. IaaS examples include: Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Rackspace, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Microsoft Azure, etc.

PaaS Cloud Computing Services

Platform as a service involves the delivery of operating systems and supports programming via the Internet without needing installation or subsequent downloads. It uses the same principal infrastructure as IaaS, but also encompasses development tools, middleware, operating systems, and database management systems required to develop software applications.

Unlike IaaS, however, PaaS is accessible by a community of developers, as opposed to an individual business entity, who wants to collectively build applications without necessarily owning the output or consequences of those applications. PaaS is beneficial to companies that build web applications and software. PaaS users can easily access the development tools required whenever they need these tools without going through the stress of direct buying.

PaaS examples include: Apache Stratos, Microsoft Azure, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, etc.

SaaS Software Solutions

Software as a Service, commonly known as SaaS, is a completely advanced software solution that takes the form of web-based software applications. The SaaS cloud provider stays in charge of the operating system, infrastructure, middleware, and data needed to run the program by ensuring that the software is accessible on the cloud platform when and where users need it.

SaaS is the third and most convenient type of cloud service for start-ups or other new businesses that need to maximize their earning potential and reduce overhead costs. This is because you do not need to invest a huge amount of funds as an initial payment. Instead, SaaS can be paid for either installmentally or as a subscription fee.

SaaS examples include: Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Cisco WebEx, ERP, etc.

Best Of Cloud Development Services We Offer

With new cloud computing trends constantly evolving, there has never been a more significant growth phase for cloud development.

No matter the size and objective of your industry, our team at Laneways Software & Digital can help you find the right cloud development solution to enable your company to operate entirely and confidently in the digital space.

Cloud Migration and Integration

Cloud Migration and Integration is an often highly complex and essential process in cloud development. Our experienced cloud developers are ready to help you reduce your IT and Technology headaches and expenses. This is done by carrying out seamless integration and migration processes to either your public cloud or private cloud.

As certified experts in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, our goal is to provide you with a wide range of cloud services that will help you migrate to the right platform to match your needs. We would also work with you to coordinate the execution of your integration and migration plan.

So, now is the time to unleash the full potential of your business and overwhelm your competitors with our cloud integration and migration solutions.

Cloud-enabled App Development

By harnessing cloud computing services, we help you develop cloud-enabled applications that let you and your team maximize your time efficiently, performing daily tasks easily and swiftly. Our knowledge covers the entire life-cycle of application development in cloud from scratch through to a completely operational cloud solution.

We expertly combine the strengths of your public and private cloud to make your future solution is secure, scalable, and reliable. Being a top cloud-enabled applications agency, we offer cloud-based application development services by using Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to deliver a top-rated services. Also, our app development solutions take care of architecture, virtualization, and databases, quickly and uniformly.

Cloud Consulting Services

At Laneways Software & Digital our cloud consulting services are designed with each customer in mind. We focus on engaging and constantly seeking new ways to create practical and highly implementable cloud solutions that have real business impact. Our approach enables our clients to examine cloud readiness results, align goals, and embrace cloud technologies through well-defined models.

To produce outstanding results, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to assess the suitability for cloud development and help them choose the right platforms. Whether you’re ready to make a move to the cloud, or are just starting to explore the possibilities, Laneways Software & Digital is well-equipped with the tools and resources to guide you.

Cloud Security

With the ever more advanced, increase in cloud threats, it's imperative to establish appropriate security provisions that can block unauthorized access, account compromises, and data breaches.

To respond efficiently to the latest cyber threats, our cloud developing experts would proactively monitor and safeguard your cloud software for threats to your systems, acting in real-time 24/7 to resolve issues.

We understand the need for robust security service for your cloud environment. This is why our services can help you protect your important cloud assets, providing full protection to users who access your assets.

Are you thinking about any software projects for your company? Our highly qualified software development team can assist you with the latest technology solutions. 

All you need to do is simply contact us now!

Why Choose Laneways Software & Digital Cloud development?

As one of the most innovative software agencies in Australia, we’ve built a large pool of knowledge and expertise that we apply to our cloud solutions to exceed our client’s expectations.

At Laneways Software & Digital, we offer fully managed cloud solutions. We help our customers avoid technological difficulties so they can focus on their core operations while feeling assured that their IT infrastructure is in great hands.

Advanced Cloud Services

Placing your advanced cloud services in the hands of the right cloud developer is vital to ensure highly scalable and architecturally strong website applications, quickly. At Laneways Software & Digital, our advanced cloud solutions are managed by highly qualified IT professionals. They have years of experience in planning, simplifying, and securing your business data.

We are professionals in both public cloud and private cloud, and are keen about making this solution available to you. Our experts are eager to partner with your business to clarify where there is confusion, clean up code where there is mess, and to establish long-term data security and accuracy.

Increased Collaboration

When working as part of a team, cloud-managed applications can dramatically enhance staff and client collaboration, reducing stress and the time spent working on a project. Collaboration in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate more efficiently, facilitating better distribution of data, content and workloads as well as more clearly defining progress. 

Workers can connect, work on the same project, and even share information in the collaborative platforms that cloud computing solutions offer. With our cloud development strategies, you could enhance customer service and product development while improving team productivity. This is great for any business, especially if your employees are situated in different geographical locations.

Cost Reduction

One of the common, immediate benefits of moving your business functions to the cloud is cost savings. For the many cloud resources, you’re charged just for the time spent. Better still, most cloud services allow for auto-scaling of features, so you would not be charged any amount when it is scaled-down, and only charged for what you do use when it is running or per user for example.

Cloud computing also provides a means to better control the costs associated with your IT infrastructure. Depending on your changing needs, you can tailor the resources assigned to your infrastructure by decreasing or expanding the available resources. In fact, one of the ways we commonly help our clients save money is by reviewing their infrastructure to find poorly allocated or mismatched resources.

Instead of buying expensive equipment for your business, you can cut down costs by utilizing your own cloud provider’s resources. Once you’re on the cloud, easy access to your company’s data will save time and money in running your business operations.

Backup and Quality Control

Before the existence of cloud services, businesses struggled with poor access to real-time information, irregular reporting and controls, often leading to low-quality results and making your customers unhappy. 

Moving to cloud computing has facilitated central file storage, backups, and far better quality control. Reserving data in the cloud ensures that it is continuously accessible, even if your tools get damaged. Cloud-based services support rapid data recovery from emergencies.

Also, you can conveniently choose which users you want to have access to what data. This gives you quality control while streamlining work activities, since your employees can easily identify the documents or functions that have been allocated to them. Better still, those processes can be tailored to them and their way of working, reducing training and errors whilst increasing productivity and morale.

Optimize your company through cloud development. Work with our IT experts to help you in the active deployment, implementation, and support of dedicated cloud-based solutions.