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During these times, there is a need for businesses to be diverse and adaptable to both internal and external changes. To get the most out of your company’s goals and objectives, acquiring mobile app development services may give you a notch above the rest. Having your own Enterprise mobile app can lead to more sales, productivity, and transparency within your company.

What is Enterprise App Development?

Enterprise App Development is the development of a mobile app that helps and guides employees in a business. The mobile app can help them solve problems and find solutions to whatever they are faced within their work.

The app will consist of any element that helps employees become more knowledgeable and productive. The mobile app may include databases within the company, tutorials, documents, CRM, automated payments, and billing systems, among others.

Why Does your business need to have an enterprise app developed for you?

A lot of companies have not yet taken advantage of the benefits that Enterprise apps can bring to their employees. Because of this, their company falls behind many businesses that have already utilized mobile development systems. Companies that have deployed mobile development apps reported more productivity and satisfaction. It also resulted in more significant sales.

These days, more people are using mobile devices than desktop computers. Mobile apps are now the new king of IT developments. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, then you’re lagging far behind and missing out on a lot of possibilities.

Mobile apps create more opportunities for your company’s sales and overall goals. Having an enterprise mobile app development can help your customers listen to you through your promotions. Mobile apps also allow customers to avail of your services.

They give more crucial feedback, and this helps your company improve on a lot of things.

Why Does your business need to have an enterprise app developed for you Enterprise App Development | Laneways Software & Digital
That goes to your employees as well. Your mobile and internet-savvy employees could do and benefit more if there’s an enterprise mobile app available for them. They can manage some of their projects through the mobile app’s database. Mobile app development can give them easy access to each of the essential data and projects in the company.

Aside from that, all your company’s training documents and videos can be uploaded on your enterprise mobile app. If certain pieces of training are only private to your employees, then they can be stored in the mobile app. Your employees can revisit and study them anytime they want.

Enterprise app development can be customized through your company’s different teams and departments. Some of the data can be limited to several employees only, based on their department. A customized or special mobile app development can work with this set-up.

The Categories of Enterprise App Software

Employee Type

This level consists of the primary projects that are assigned to each employee. This software can help managers assess projects and all the information in the database. It can also let managers check the projects without problems and delays.


The departmental level software ensures that your data and projects can be optimized depending on each department. That guarantees privacy in each department. The Department level is also the type of app wherein employees can be connected to their company's clients. It lets them solicit feedback from their clients on time.


The Company level type of software encompasses all parts and employees of the company. This software development connects lower employees to chiefs. Chosen data and projects are transparent among them. They can instantly give and ask for feedback regarding any of their projects.

The Advantages of Having an Enterprise App and Software Development

Mobile App Development

Enterprise application development encompasses portable and mobile applications. Employees can assess projects and accounts, even if they cannot access a desktop or laptop. Even if space is generally smaller than desktop apps, mobile apps can still be set-up with necessary data and information.

Automated Data Processing

When certain parts of data management are automated, employees will have a clearer understanding of each of its elements. It will be easier for them to assess, analyze, and verify the information. Automation in mobile app development also ensures that every task in the employment sector is transparent. The IT system and mobile app development do most of the work and would not need human calculations.


The whole essence of having enterprise mobile application development is to focus on projects and goals. Its automation features help employees and chiefs concentrate on specific projects. They do not need to waste time in double-checking accurate data and computations because everything is automated.

Supply Chain Management

As with all data involved in your business, supply chain management is also improved with an enterprise application. Input the correct numbers or info, and the entire flow of inventory is automated within the app. Proper supply chain management through mobile app development ensures that your supply and inventory is precise and always equal to its physical counterpart.

Custom Relationship Management or CRM

CRM can be incorporated within the enterprise’s mobile app development. Your customers, as well as potential customers’ data, can be collected and stored in a CRM. It helps assess each of their behavior towards your products or services. It also guides your strategy and workflow that relates to your customers.


An Enterprise mobile app development helps automate specific accounting, billing, and payments made within your company. Aside from the transparency, it entails, easier management of transactions help employees churn everything out.


Every automation, optimization, and assistance of the Enterprise mobile app leads to productivity and work efficiency. Employees are not bogged down with trivial info assessments that could just be automated. They can focus more on projects that help the whole company achieve their core goals and objectives.

Laneways Software & Digital will bring forth the best for your success

As one of the most in-demand enterprise app development companies in the world today, Laneways Software & Digital provides all-encompassing IT solutions, from Cloud Computing, Software Development, Mobile app development, and Website Development among other IT improvements to help your company thrive. In Enterprise Mobile app development, we showcase our core services that generate each of the advantages of the app development:

Data Management

Laneways Software & Digital deploys the best data management systems. We ensure enhanced processing, improved predictability of info, and reduced risks at lower costs. We use all data management tools and cloud services to facilitate access, storage, security, global function, and scalability.


Our mobile app and software development process brings together all components and sub-components to form a unified system. Being in unity and congruence with each other, the whole integration mechanism will work together for your company's steady growth.


Security is the most integral part of both Data Management and Integration. All crucial data should be safeguarded from malicious threats that can harm your employees, customers, and the entire company. Laneways Software & Digital is in partnership with the best IT security experts in the world. The cloud systems we deploy protects all data from threats and offer automatic back-ups in case of unsolicited threats. We work with only the best cloud computing solutions that expand your whole business process and data.

We Deploy Amazon Web Services' Cloud Services.

AWS is the most reliable and comprehensive cloud service in the world today. Laneways Software & Digital's software development processes deploy cloud services only with AWS. Their mobile app developers are regularly being updated and trained with every new feature from AWS.

Laneways Software & Digital will bring forth the best for your success

Our Methodology

Laneways Software & Digital development company works with the SCRUM and Agile Framework to provide transparency and efficiency between our team and yours. The SCRUM Framework ensures openness, understanding, and good energy. Deployed by the best companies in the world, the SCRUM framework results in the best solutions and great working camaraderie.

Our Team

Laneways Software & Digital’s mobile app developers pride themselves in their topnotch skills and work ethics. They are always in search and train for new IT solutions and development that can benefit the fast-paced technological world. They produce great results and solutions for your business in a quick and efficient manner.