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Ability to Spot Industry Trends Is What Keeps Laneways Software & Digital’s CEO Jerome Rault Ahead in the IT Industry

Offering state-of-the-art software & digital media solutions, Laneways incepted in 2012 is based in Victoria, Australia.

Offering state-of-the-art software & digital media solutions, Laneways incepted in 2012 is based in Victoria, Australia. The professionals at Laneways service most industries by specializing in legacy burdened industries such as Aged Care or Insurance Underwriting. The team at Laneways, strive to be entirely ethical and open in the processes they rendered. For example, the experts use SCRUM methodology and Jira ticketing to provide clients with daily insights within their budget spend. The business people can track every document and see who did what, how long it took, and what the challenges were.

Ultimately, this means that clients can communicate confidently internally. The projects range from WordPress website development to Ruby on Rails, AWS based, database driven CRM platforms, to mobile apps and everything in between.

Moreover, the expert developers back this up with core SEO, video & digital marketing support to help purchasers achieve their business goals.

View Laneways Software & Digital’s GoodFirms’ profile to get aware of the company’s services and other parameters.

GoodFirms’ team interviewed Jerome Rault

GoodFirms’ team interviewed Jerome Rault, the CEO of Laneways Software & Digital in which he described the company, the notion behind its origination, and the company’s business model. Jerome proudly states that for years he’s been helping the businesses and is now proficient at supporting the clients in solving their business challenges. As a CEO, Jerome looks after the setup and the management of the company. Working in CRM and then with startups made Jerome realize that most systems do not deliver complete personalized solutions. Thus, to help business people by giving them the utmost satisfaction through custom software solving their business problems, Jerome thought of starting Laneways Software & Digital.

“Every product we make is making a difference and changing lives,” says Laneways Software & Digital’s CEO Jerome Rault. To say the agency is doing a good job would be an understatement. Founded in 2012 with its robust software technologies, Laneways is leading the way by building up so much success that bigwigs in industries worldwide are now seeking them out. Moreover, the CEO also mentions the business model beneficial to the clients from the value addition perspective. Jerome cites that the professionals perform task processes in a different way compared to other companies. “It’s what we attempt to do with every single thing of our products – get entrenched in this customer-focused software,” he shares.

Curating Products with an experienced team

Talking about the accomplished products at Laneways, Jerome mentions that the professional developers carefully curate the products that work efficiently. At Laneways, the professionals build software & websites that feed the unique needs of the legacy system based process-heavy companies and their clients. Moreover, at Laneways, the expert developers create software and sites that are explicitly tailored to the client’s business needs and budget. Easy access to information, mobile-friendliness, and ease of navigation are some of the preferences when creating a customized software or website for the business people.

Besides this, the developers’ team strives to equip clients with the most user-friendly and productive CRM systems possible so that the clients’ business stays on track, and they can build better relationships with their users. The team uses SCRUM methodology and provides weekly updates to the clients. Apart from this, the team does continuous communication with the clients so that they can make informed decisions.

Laneways hold an expert team of developers who have years of experience in producing and designing exclusive, tailor-made software solutions for clients at national and international levels. At Laneways Software & Digital, the spotlight is on the delicate balance between precision and design functionality of any software platform. As this perspective is reflected in all of the Laneways’ projects, they have been ranked among the leading software development companies in Melbourne at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below reflects the quality of the software developed at Laneways Software & Digital.

Curating Products with an experienced team | Laneways.Agency

Since we build mostly on AWS using Ruby on Rails, for example, flexibility is inherent, and that ensures no obsolescence,” – says Jerome. Laneways ventured with a vision of reshaping industries through innovation and technology.

Since then, the company has progressed persistently focusing on the core values of commitment and excellence. Moreover, the team includes like-minded, talented, and trained experts who aspire to surpass clients’ expectations.

Client CRM & ERP specialists

The expert developers create ‘Cloud Engines’ – software that takes information from the client’s existing system that runs algorithms and then pushes that result in the same or another system.

The competitiveness of the company is attributed to the quick realization of the fact that software development is an area with endless potential. With time and effort, the software developers have been able to master this field and reached a level good enough that would soon endow them to earn a prospective listing among GoodFirms’ top software development companies.

The review obtained at GoodFirms confirms the efficiency of the software developers at Laneways Software & Digital.

Client CRM & ERP specialists | Laneways.Agency

Having read the information shared by Jerome Rault, the CEO of Laneways Software & Digital; one can also have a glance at the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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About GoodFirms | Laneways.Agency

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