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Alternatives to Custom Maintenance Software (CMS)

Understanding the importance of custom maintenance software enables software professionals to pitch their services to future clients. 

What is a Custom Maintenance Software (CMS)

What is a Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) | Laneways.Agency

A maintenance software is a business toolkit with an integrated CMMS. It can manage productivity and aids in scheduling, work management, asset filing, data entry, and many more. When custom-made, the software can help an enterprise advance and streamline all processes. The structure is based on a certain set of needs.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Compare Custom Maintenance Software with Alternatives

Just like most toolkits, there are a lot of alternatives to bespoke maintenance software. Most of these alternates provide limited-platform solutions and caters to a wide range of industries and facilities, including healthcare, academics, and real estate.

Most operations managers follow these productivity toolkits. Divided into categories, let’s compare their assets.

Custom Maintenance Survey (CMS) by Facilities Survey Inc.


Hippo CMMS



Asset Essentials

A lot of these CMMS software products have an impressive repertoire. However, some managers may still have difficulty in service navigation and tracking schedules via web or mobile-based data. Since it’s still built for a generic audience, too many settings adjustments can result in faulty maintenance software. 

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Benefits of Having Custom Maintenance Software

Software Development as We Know It Today History of Software Development | Laneways.AgencyHaving custom software helps business facilities achieve efficiency. For managers, it helps ensure that everything is readily available whenever it is needed. Although alternatives are okay, not many are cut out for the job, especially in a digitized world where businesses are always evolving. Bespoke maintenance software solution aims to keep the system usable and valuable for the company in the long haul. Software companies, like Laneways Software & Digital, can help develop an alternative, tailor-fit maintenance software solution related to software development.

Business-Specific Categories

Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) is aimed at organizations to help them operate better, where features are specific and responsive to the needs of the business. Because it does not require an advanced setting, a user can manage reports easily.

Highly Customizable

Flexible and can be adjusted according to the service needs of a client, it can provide an inventory management solution for companies of various sizes. The range of users can be modified based on the current count of the company, taking into account growth as well.

Lesser Maintenance Issues

Preventive maintenance is required for most alternatives as compliance, especially because it caters to many facilities. It is still applied to custom maintenance software. However, the issues and repairs would be lesser. This is because the system and its parts are designed to function with minimal downtime.

Better Assets Management

A customized maintenance software can have high-level security and a more secure cloud system to protect assets. Since the software is only available to the user within a company, hackers can't readily access its component.

Cost-Effective Solution

A lot of the alternative CMMS software functions well. However, CMMS can be also quite pricey. As for Custom Maintenance Software (CMS), a vendor bases the price on the features and operations requirements. Providing a detailed list of the specifications help in coming up with a comprehensive quote. This costing is balanced by the fact that most CMS have preventative maintenance.

Cross-Platform Efficiency

Web and mobile functionality is something Custom Maintenance Software (CMS) can be developed. It can be made compatible with mobile devices and readily-accessible by the user, company technician, managers, and other employees.

Win Clients with Custom Maintenance Software (CMS)

The competitive advantage of bespoke maintenance software is evident. As businesses with unique services surface, the need for a bespoke solution to software needs also rises. Provide easy management tools and generate an interactive system in the form of custom maintenance software.

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