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Custom Software for Small Business - An Essential Investment to Remain Competitive

With digital transformation as the current trend for small businesses today, investing in custom software applications has become an important business decision to make. 

Since custom software could be costly, a business must carefully take into consideration whether to invest in customized software or use off-the-shelf software.

Should you invest in custom software? What are the benefits of custom software, and is it aligned with the current trend? Once I invest in custom software development, what business processes to focus on? And how should I engage in the development?

We will answer all these key questions below.

What Software Do Small Businesses Use?

What Software Do Small Businesses Use Custom Software For Small Business | Laneways.Agency

There are four main software solutions that micro-enterprises invest in to stay competitive. These solutions have taken on varying forms to gain an edge.

And due to the rise in the number of new software development companies, there are plenty of well-made and ready-to-use applications available on the market

With custom software, you can combine all of these in one.

Business Analytics

Business or data analytics is one of the most used support applications, and for good reasons. An analytics application could aid a company run a test over time and analyze the sales of a product, unique customer behaviors, and market needs.

Then, the application would create a long list of specific insights based on the gathered data. This list would help owners make important decisions to improve services, adopt new features, and as well as get more sales. 

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an application that helps manage simultaneous marketing campaigns across several communication channels. The marketing campaigns like sending mail, lead generation, and lead nurturing are done automatically through a set of unique tools and features in the application.

Automating marketing campaigns improves the work efficiency of your team by removing repetitive and tedious tasks. In effect, this will free up way more time for your team members, as well as removing human error in the marketing processes. 

Customer Service

Customer service software, custom or not, is a developed tool to collect, respond, and manage customer requests for support. Collected information on customer requests is usually integrated into one database. This will enable multiple agents to address a customer’s needs.

This type of feature is the solution you want if you are a micro-enterprise that has a need to provide technical assistance or training to buyers of your product. 

Performance Management

Performance management software is a specific tool that offers solutions to business owners or managers in writing accurate job descriptions, making job requirements, creating company objectives, documenting employee performance, and writing performance appraisals.

This type of business software improves team performance and workplace communication.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

What Should Small Businesses Expect When Investing in Custom Software?

Knowing that custom software development is essential, then what should you expect as you invest in one?

What Should Small Businesses Expect When Investing in Custom Software Custom Software For Small Business | Laneways.Agency

It is also important to expect to make compromises along the way due to your limited budget. But don’t get upset; you need to take this opportunity to prepare and ready a plan for future development.

How to Engage in Custom Software Development for Small Businesses

How to Engage in Custom Software Development for Small Businesses Custom Software For Small Business | Laneways.Agency

Because of its high cost, you need to carefully plan things out.

You need to collaborate closely with your team members and developers and brainstorm the best possible solution to your needs. As a final tip, work with developers who have catered to businesses like yours.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Custom Software?

According to the SMB Technology Trends for 2020, digital transformation has been the key trend for micro-companies.

Digital transformation means investing and integrating technology, like software solutions, into the business process.

Software business solutions help streamline the business system, increase work productivity, provide better business management, easily meet business requirements, gain a competitive edge, improve customer services, and solve many business needs.

Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Custom Software Custom Software For Small Business | Laneways.Agency

Because of the many benefits of custom software development, more and more small business owners are now taking a look at a customized software solution. To get and remain competitive, it is essential to invest as well and consider one over buying an over-the-shelf software, despite the high costs.

You may be limited in time and budget, but with careful planning and the right custom software development company, you can do it.

Get the benefits of custom software development. Contact Laneways Software & Digital for assistance on custom software solutions.

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