Case Study: FD Beck Insurance Brokers

FD Beck Insurance Brokers are a successful and well-known Melbourne VIC based insurance broker firm.

FDBeck Simon Pascoe | Laneways Software

Simon Pascoe

Twelve months ago FD Beck engaged Laneways Software & Digital to build a website (including a tailored software solution), video production and a pay per click campaign. Throughout the process Laneway’c s have always been engaged, accountable and provided us with regular updates. Best of all if we have any questions or issues Jerome is always available to provide support. We look forward to working together long into the future.

FD Beck Insurance Brokers are a successful and well-known Melbourne VIC based insurance broker firm.

They offer a wide range of insurance services such as business insurance, personal insurance, owner builder insurance and builder’s insurance.

FD Beck’s services are based around working with their clients every step of the insurance process, whilst simultaneously being completely transparent, upfront and honest.

The Problem

FD Beck Insurance Brokers had an obsolete website that didn’t represent their brand and principles properly. 

Further, they then needed to get the message out to the public about their services and unique, personalised approach to Business Insurance. However, as with most SME, they had a limited budget to work with.

SEO initial stats:

Pre SEO Campaign (first 2 months)

SEO Campaign first 3 months

Campaign Started (after 3 months)

SEO campaign after 6 months


The Laneways Software & Digital solution was 4 fold:

  • Rebuild the website rather than starting a new one, in order to retain SEO and keep costs low.

  • Generate video and blog content to build brand awareness organically, improve SEO and better represent the high-quality services of FD Beck.

  • Embed quoting functionality right into the website, offering the public access to a powerful, useful tool whilst generating new business for FD Beck.

  • Full SEO Campaign - this consist of SEO site audit & implementation, insurance product & keyword mapping, Content production and on-going on-page optimization.

#1 Rebuild the website & SEO

To communicate the brand’s message better to their target partners, we’ve revamped the design of the website. This allowed us to position call to actions that are easier for users to find and access.

FDBeck Insurance case study pic | Laneways Software

#2 Video and Blogs

By using google analytics, Laneways Software & Digital were able to find popular search terms and keywords regarding insurance. Based on these findings, a series of informative videos were shot with a well-known celebrity, Sally Williams.

These informative videos presented a synopsis of trending topics. They are tied to more informative blogs on the same subject. All of this is then shared in Social Media and on the new website.

People searching the web can find these blogs & videos. In the process, they discover FD Beck as a possible insurance partner. In addition, these blogs and videos were added to FD Beck’s website, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Business sites.

The use of a celebrity like Sally Williams is a popular form of marketing – celebrity endorsement. If they trust Sally, they may trust the brand. That association gives FD Beck associated credit. 

#3 State of the art Quoting functionality

For FD Beck Insurance Brokers, providing a client quote was a lengthy process. It involved many emails between the broker and the client. Furthermore, it didn’t represent what FD Beck were all about, which is making the lives of clients easier in the insurance process.

In partnership with another Laneways Software & Digital client, FD Beck have been able to embed a quoting software onto the WordPress website. Visitors can now generate quotes tailored to their needs by answering just a few relevant questions. Best of all, this takes only minutes, saving time, effort and money for both parties. Once a quote is generated, FD Beck can contact the potential client and help them complete the transaction.

#4 SEO Campaign Outcome

FD Beck’s google rankings have significantly improved their rankings. They are constantly adding new occupations to the quote tool from a pool of over 700! This extends their reach and generates more potential clients. Also, other insurance brokers have expressed how impressed they are with their new marketing and quote tool. This improves their industry standing.

See what Simon Pascoe, the CEO of FD Beck Insurance Brokers said about Laneways Software & Digital on Google….

SEO Campaign 4 months Onwards

SEO campaign Jan to July 2021

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