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How to Get a Successful Software Development Internship in Melbourne

An internship is very often the most direct route to full-time employment. The question is: how to land this internship and make the best of it?

With the growth of the software industry in Melbourne, a software development internship would be a smart choice.

We’ve put together a list of tips that will set you well on your way to getting and juicing out that internship.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Tips to a Successful Software Development Internship

Tips to a Successful Software Development Internship | Laneways.Agency

Ace that successful software-related internship with the help of these tips:

Put to the test all the theoretical concepts you learned. The success of your internship can be measured according to how much hands-on skill you have acquired. Therefore, get as much hands-on as you can.

Undertaking personal projects will sharpen your skills and result in better chances of landing an internship. Hiring companies are more interested in what you can do than your GPA.

Your resume consolidates all your information in one place so that you can compare it easily against the internship requirements.

Most internship placements are unpaid positions. However, remember that more important than the paycheck is the experience you are getting from it. So go on and take unpaid internships as well.

More often than not, your institution will have some opportunities where you can volunteer. This gives you hands-on experience in a more relaxed and less demanding environment.

Top Companies Hiring Intern Jobs in Melbourne, VIC

Other Software Development Internships

Top Companies Hiring Intern Jobs in Melbourne, VIC Software Development Internship | Laneways.Agency

Here are other companies that have internship programs in software development. Check them out and see if one of them would suit your interests.

Internship Recruitment/Company Details
Hoxlp Recruitment and Staffing

Duration 3 months

Create new websites and maintain existing ones

Eightfold Institute of Australia

Responsibilities depend on your educational background and interest.

Must be a student of software engineering or computer science

Eightfold Institute of Australia
Learning opportunities include creating engaging presentations of information web and writing high-quality front-end code
Medical iT IT Support for Doctors
May include assisting in building networks, designing Windows Server environment, and project management with senior network engineers
IT Internship
3-6 months internship with the opportunity in web developing and IT support

Wrapping Up

With a good internship placement in a notable software development company, your development career will kick off with a smooth start.

Please do let us know if this was helpful. Check out Laneways Software & Digital for more of the latest on Australia’s tech trends.

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Jerome Rault

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