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Exam Preparation Tips: MTA Software Development Fundamentals

Are you looking for a career in IT? There are many software development companies available to send your application.

One of the best options today is taking the 98 361 MTA software development fundamentals certification exam. This would increase your chances of getting hired in any IT company.

In this post, we provide preparation tips on how to ace the 98 361 software development fundamentals exam.

What is the MTA Software Development Fundamentals?

MTA (98 361) software development fundamentals is a Microsoft official academic course designed to provide the student with the necessary content and hands-on skills for an entry-level IT job as a software developer. A Microsoft official academic course provides fundamentals on core programming, general software development, web applications, desktop applications, database, and object-oriented programming.

The 98 361 software development fundamentals course prepares you for the MTA exam (98-361) for software development. This is one of the many Microsoft official academic course certifications that provide reliable entry credentials into an IT career. This course content is highly-recommended and an industry-proven certification course.

How to Prepare for the MTA 98 361 Exams

When you are about to take a certification test like MTA fundamentals exam 98-361, it is vital to prepare ahead of time.

Using the following tips below will help you succeed in your MTA fundamentals exam 98 361.

#1: Discover your learning style

The first step to ace the certification exam is by knowing your learning style. Try to identify your learning strengths and weaknesses. According to the VARK model designed by Neil Fleming, there are four learning styles you can adapt. These include visual learners, auditory learners, reading/writing learners, and Kinesthetic learners.

You can ascribe to more than one learning ability. Experts call it “multimodal learners“. Studies show that 66% of people show multimodal learning preferences.

Before using any learning content modules, make sure you know where your learning strengths are. What is your learning style? Do you have any preferred navigation learning system? These are the things you should consider. 

#2: Prepare to put in the time and effort to study

Prepare to put in the time and effort to study MTA Software Development Fundamentals | Laneways.Agency

The next step is to get you ready to pass the Microsoft official academic exam (98 361) is by investing time and effort to study. Please take this step very seriously.

It is better to spend time studying your navigation map than to walk blindly in the wrong direction.

Sitting for the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) requires putting yourself in the mental state for learning. It means setting aside a regular time and being consistent with it. It means making an actual effort to do and fulfil the course requirements.

#3: Prioritize challenging subjects

Within every learning activity, there are subjects or topics you will find easy or that come naturally. The same goes for taking the 98 361 software development fundamentals. As much as possible, focus more on subjects you find more challenging. 

Once you have prepared your study material for the MTA exam (98 361) and you’re ready to start, you need to select all the subjects that make you read twice. Give them more attention.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore other subjects. The idea is to manage your time accordingly by setting your priorities. Treat your study sessions as if you’re taking the actual exam.

#4: Find a comfortable study area

Choosing the right place to study is also essential. As much as possible, remove any items that can cause distractions. Make sure you only have the things you need, such as your course materials (98 361 software development fundamentals).

#5: Take classes to prepare for the certification exam

There is a whole ton of online platforms that offer classes at an affordable cost. Using your search navigation engine, you can find and utilise a lot more content from the site to help you with your exam.

Take classes to prepare for the certification exam MTA Software Development Fundamentals | Laneways.Agency

Taking classes helps you to be intentional and directional about your study content. Additionally, search for accredited institutions. Some organizations may even provide comprehensive reviewers for the exam.

Studying on your own may be great for gathering general knowledge. Taking courses, however, specifically prepares you to ace your certification exam.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

#6: Practice questions and detailed solutions with resources

With exams like the MTAs that require practical knowledge and skills, the best learning approach is attempting practice questions. The 98 361 software development fundamentals involve hands-on practices. Make sure to review the course coverage. 

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect in your 98 361 software development fundamentals exam. It should help you ask the right questions and develop the best learning navigation process:

This is a fundamental content topic for understanding general software development. It lays a foundation for the rest of the concepts in software development fundamentals.

Object-oriented programming is a paradigm based on the concept of objects containing data and code.

The is a generic reference to software development. It refers to the process of designing and maintaining software components.

These are application software that runs on a web server.

Desktop applications, unlike web applications, are application software that runs on the computer’s operating system.

Understanding Desktop applications MTA Software Development Fundamentals | Laneways.Agency

This course program looks at relational database management systems, database query methods, and database connection methods.


The 98 361 development certificate is one of the most prestigious programs available today. It’s not just for any entry-level job vacancies. This is also the biggest IT mark you can have on your resume.

The content of this certification provides fundamental training and experience that many IT industries search for. This course has an application at the highest levels in the IT industry.

With MTA certification exam 98 361, you can increase your chance of employment at any IT-dependent company. Any site or page that launches may require specific skill-set from a software development expert. The 98 361 software development fundamentals course provide just that.

The whole MTA exam (98 361) will cost around $55000 depending on where you apply. This shows how invaluable it is. This outweighs almost every fundamental IT courses available today.


The MTA 98 361 software development fundamentals exam assists in the navigation of most IT fundamentals. With this certification, your experience and training matches if not exceeds any other.

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