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SEO Case Study: Sparrow Insurance

Sue Sparrow believes that with the right insurance knowledge, health professionals, as well as beauty and wellness business owners, can be confident in choosing the right cover for themselves and their staff.
Sparrow Insurance SEO Update | 2021

Progress update: January to June 2021

The Sparrow website now features 70+ carefully constructed, SEO optimised pages, 49 of which are ranking and performing at the top of their categories. We've increased search visibility, rankings and the number of leads significantly month on month.The website is now a significant source of monthly revenue.


The problem is that there are a lot of misguided market propaganda, especially on Google’s search engine, making it 10x harder to get Sue’s message across their clients.

Laneways Software & Digital job is to bridge that gap and make that connection a reality.

The solution: To create a user-friendly website that clients can get a hold of Sparrow Insurance team, and at the same time a website that Google trusts and understands.

Pre SEO Campaign

Sparrow Stats Before Started SEO | Laneways Agency

Campaign Started

Sparrow Stats After Initial On-site Optimization | Laneways Agency

After 4 Months

Sparrow Stats After 4 months of SEO Campaign | Laneways Agency
Sparrow Insurance is a well known brand in the world of beauty insurance in Australia, but their lack of key pages and best SEO practice hurts their search visibility in Google—their target clients can’t find them when they look for insurance products on the web.

The Laneways Software & Digital Solution

Our SEO team at Laneways Software & Digital, found numerous optimization opportunities when we first got Sparrow’s website.

While the design wasn’t at all bad, we felt that it lacked the spark or connection with their target audience.

We felt it could be done better. So we made it better. . .

Design Revamp

After carefully selecting a couple of website design options and presenting our ideas to Sue, we came up with a brand-new identity for Sparrow Insurance:

We managed to keep the old theme (color, font and texture) while bringing out a better version of it.

Now Sparrow Insurance has a website that is much more lively, engaging as well as mobile user friendly!

Site Structure Mapping

If the secret to high conversion is a well-designed website, well, the secret sauce to that is a well-structured site architecture!

Here’s what we did…

  • Identified the insurance packages that they offer and grouped them by category.
  • Analyzed the competition and the kind of insurance packages they provide that Sparrow can/might also offer.
  • Created a service page mapping structure proposal.

After Sue approved the proposal, we then conducted keyword research for each product, mapped each one to their individual product pages, and identified the URL structure of the parent category pages as well as the subpages.

Content Production (with Semantic SEO in mind)

Realizing that the major problem is the lack of product pages, we zeroed in and hustled our content managers to initiate the creation of a content brief, content writing task instructions and delegation of content writing tasks.

Because we’ve done the initial mapping and KW research, and with the use of helpful tools like aHrefs and Surfer SEO, carrying out content production was a breeze.

We were able to collaborate with Sue and the Sparrow team in qualifying and varying the content drafts.

Once approved, we’ve created and designed the pages for each content draft. Then we optimized each page, and updated the sitemap and the main navigation accordingly!

On-Site Technical SEO Audit

Sparrow Insurance SEO audit Before | Laneways.Agency
Sparrow Insurance SEO audit After | Laneways.Agency
When we first implemented the new design, we made sure everything was on point—the meta data, OG data, and structured data have to be correct. Our SEO team conducted a thorough technical audit using tools like screaming frog, aHrefs, GTMetrix, and a whole lot more!
Hard Skills software development engineer | Laneways.Agency

Our rigorous process allows us to uncover hidden technical issues that could either disrupt the SEO performance of the website.

We fixed technical SEO issues like:

  • Redirected page has no incoming internal links
  • Page has links to redirect
  • Page has only one dofollow incoming internal link
  • 3XX redirect
  • HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • Meta description too short
  • H1 tag missing or empty
  • Multiple H1 tags
  • Slow page
  • Missing alt text
  • Page has broken CSS
  • CSS broken
  • CSS file size too large

Promising Results

Organic Traffic Increases | Sparrow Insurance Case Study

As of January 2021, here’s what we’re able to produce for Sparrow Insurance’s overall SEO Campaign:

  • Organic traffic is dancing around 80 to 120 visits daily
  • Monthly goal conversion average equals to 90.
  • Monthly unique events data is at 251.

With so much potential in the beauty, cosmetic, and medical insurance market, Sparrow Insurance is smoothly sailing it’s way to the top of search results—. definitely a brand worthy not only of it’s respectable reputation in the industry but also in the eyes of Google!