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Popular Question: What Is SEO Writing (How It Can Help Your Business Grow)?


What does SEO writing mean?

SEO writing, Search Engine Optimization writing, in its simplest form is the skill, the art, the talent of writing content in a way that’s both enjoyable to the public, but optimized for search engine bots.

Dilemma: Search Engine Bots vs Readers

That’s a problem because bots think in terms of tags and keywords and format and structure and relevance.

Where, your readers might think in terms of entertainment value. How interesting is it to read? Does it flow nicely? Is it full of pretty pictures?

You need to write to appeal to both search engine bots and to the public visitors.​


So, the skill of SEO writing is merging those two things together so that you rank really well with the search engines, but you keep your visitors informed and sometimes entertained.

Jerome Rault

Jerome Rault

Cloud-based technology advisor, consultant, and investor. CEO Laneways Software & Digital
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