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Popular Question: What Parts of SEO Should I Prioritise?


3 Things to Prioritise in SEO

So, there are three things that you should be thinking about to begin with.

1. You need to have a well-optimised website.

The first one is optimising your website. Does it work on different devices? Is it accessible on mobile devices and tablets?

People will accessing your website at two o’clock in the morning, lying in their bathtub. So, they might use their mobile phone for that “Oh yeah, I have to check that thing,” and they’ll hop on to your website.

You need to be ready for that by making sure that it looks great on all the different devices. It needs to load quickly, photos need to be optimised so that they load quickly depending on the different devices, etc. So the first one is, optimising your website.

2. You need to have fantastic content.

The second thing is fantastic content. If you’re working on search engine optimization (SEO), the very nature of what you’re doing is creating content that people need or want. 

They want to read about or listen to your videos about important things to them. So, you need to focus on writing fantastic content. 

You can repurpose other people’s content as long as you’re respectful and you mention that it’s from them. You can discuss content from various people. You can write content and update it on a regular basis if it changes every year. But it’s got to be high-quality and relevant.

3. Use Linking (Internal and External)

The third thing is linking. You can link internally between documents. So, you might be writing about SEO or talking about SEO as a I am now. And all other relevant blogs or pages that you have within your website need to link to that so search engines can see that you are talking about a whole story – not just a single item as a one-off.

And then there’s backlinking or external linking. So, that’s getting your content featured on reputable websites outside of your domain and perhaps featuring some of their content. And an easy way to do that is citations. Mention people in your content, talk about them, provide a link. And that’s gives you credibility if they have credibility.

Jerome Rault

Jerome Rault

Cloud-based technology advisor, consultant, and investor. CEO Laneways Software & Digital
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