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Popular Question: Why Should I Choose You and Not Hire My Own Software Development Team?


Why Should I Not Hire My Own Software Development Team?

Well, if they are working on your core product, your core services, and they’re going to be working on that for a long period of time, they need to know your business, your business model, your industry, then it possibly makes sense for you to hire internally. 

Why Should I Choose You?

It is more difficult, it’s hard to get people to stay with you unless they’re those types of people that like that safe environment repetition. 

Anything else, anything that’s peripheral to that, you should outsource to a software development company like Laneways Software and Digital because that’s what we do. We deal with projects scaling up quickly, scaling down, changing constantly, moving the goal posts day in, day out, is perfectly normal for us. 

If you’re trying to do that with your in-house team, it’s unlikely that they’ll be comfortable doing it.

Jerome Rault

Jerome Rault

Cloud-based technology advisor, consultant, and investor. CEO Laneways Software & Digital
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