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Top Software Development Courses in Melbourne to Learn Now

Melbourne, Victoria, is a tech hub where you can learn from the best in the art of software development.

When it comes to learning software development, Melbourne, VIC, stands out among all the cities in Australia. It is essentially the country’s technology hub, and its strong tech culture is apparent in its academic institutions. 

Unsurprisingly, finding high-quality software development courses in Melbourne does not fall beyond realistic expectations.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

List of Software Development Courses in Melbourne, VIC

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Melbourne hosts a number of schools and universities that offer degrees in various fields of software development. Below are just some of these courses and the respective institutions that offer them.

Name of Software Development Course Course Description Recommended Institutions Estimated Annual Fees
Bachelor of IT Focus on Mobile App Design
Strong focus on the development of software applications across various mobile devices and web platforms
Academy of Information Technology Melbourne Campus
Bachelor of Computer Science (Professional) with a Major in Software Development
The major focuses on developing software development and computer science expertise
Swinburne University of Technology
Bachelor of Information Technology in Application Development
Covers core IT disciplines as well as the full range of technical and creative skills needed in application development
Deakin University
Diploma of Software Development
Focuses on practical software development skills backed by up-to-date industry tools and software
Box Hill Campus - Nelson
Bachelor of Science - Computing and Software Systems
Provides technical expertise and builds the skills needed for software application and web development, among others
The University of Melbourne

Why learn software development in Melbourne?

Melbourne stands out with regards to learning software development mainly because of its strong affinity to information and communications technology. For this reason, many of its academic institutions have developed strong ties within Victoria’s ICT industry. These partnerships provide students with much-needed work experience while they earn their software development degrees, increasing their future employment opportunities.


Melbourne offers the best software development courses in the entirety of Australia thanks to its flourishing tech culture. It provides many opportunities to grow in the field as well as to further your career in the software industry. You can further your knowledge in software development by working with industry experts. Visit Laneways Software & Digital to learn more.
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