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Types of Custom Software Based on Your Business Needs

Businesses are hiring custom-built software development services today so that all their requirements will be incorporated in the application. This way, they can assure a more efficient operation.

On the part of the companies, it is valuable to have a developer that can produce bespoke software solutions or custom web application specifically suited for your business processes. Contrary to off the shelf software, customized software with built-in cloud-based technology can meet all your requirements.

Common Types of Custom-Built Software

These are the primary custom software businesses see as vital. Such applications cover the core functions and tasks being accomplished by a company on a day-to-day basis.

Custom Relationship Management (CRM) System

Custom Relationship Management (CRM) System Types of Custom Software | Laneways.Agency

Most, if not all, companies have many needs that should be met, such as keeping track of the following:

A CRM system is among the tools that can help you with such tasks. CRM is one of the management solutions that every enterprise should consider to build stronger customer relationships while streamlining processes. In this way, you can increase revenue and improve customer services.

While there are off the shelf CRM tools, you might want to opt to have custom CRM to make sure all your needs for data management system are met. You can also buy existing CRM software solutions and customize them for additional new specific features. 

Content Management Systems

Today, every company needs to invest in a good website project. For the website to gain good traffic, the content needs to be updated from time to time, or as often as needed. 

By doing so, you can encourage more customers to come into contact with your products and services etc. posted on the website.

A content management software solution can help your business with this. While there is an open-source application, custom made products will make your work easier. 

You can get more from having a technology built according to your design.

Content Management System Types of Custom Software | Laneways.Agency

E-Commerce Systems

With the proper tools, online businesses can be run efficiently through an e-commerce solution. While businesses can buy off the shelf software, it is not optimized for the specific needs of a company. 

With this, your team might be left with no choice but to take so much time in making the app work. Indeed, having a bespoke software is advisable because it can better support the automation and analysis of many processes of all businesses

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Other Custom Software Development Services and Software Applications

There are additional types of products coming from custom software development. These further help the business to run smoothly. 

Business Process Automation System

Business Process Automation System Types of Custom Software | Laneways.Agency

In all industries, there are many tasks every business or company has to accomplish every day. With this, there is a need for a business to utilize a web-based custom tool that can help the team process via automation. 

This will make the office work more efficient and accurate. At the same time, the team will get to focus on more value-adding business activities, which saves money from additional cost in the long run. 

Paperless Office Management Systems

Having paperless solutions is a project trend that has been gaining traction among businesses now:

This custom software can craft the usual forms filled out by customers and employees, among others, which then are stored in the archives. These business forms will then be easily and readily accessible, unlike from having all your documents filed in a cabinet

Indeed, this software that can help your business leap to the new digital age like an expert. 

User Portal Type of Customer Software

This custom software helps businesses provide information that their employees and customers need to know in a self-service manner. Considered as mobile solutions, a web portal can be developed to do the following actions:

It is a more streamlined manner of managing business transactions compared to monitoring them via email, which can be more vulnerable to mistakes and cost your company. 

Membership Site Solutions

After being in the business for a long time, you might consider providing training in exchange for a fee. You can accomplish this by setting up a membership website. Basically, you need to prepare the training materials for your potential students. 

The latter will then subscribe to your online training. With the right price and good number of enrollees, this can give you a steady revenue stream as well. 

How Custom Software Helps Your Business Types of Custom Software | Laneways.Agency

How Custom Software Helps Your Business

A custom software can help you do the usual business transactions in a fast and accurate manner. In the long-term, it can lessen your spending as it enhances the operational efficiency of your business, thus improving the overall bottom line.

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