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Vermont Aged Care: A Quality SEO and a New Look

Vermont Aged Care are a successful, family run nursing company.

They provide top quality specialist care and nursing. After many years of use, the company brand + facility was in need of a makeover! Vermont hired an interior designer to redesign and improve their home.

The facility saw a complete renovation of their rooms. The rooms have been repainted with a blend of gold, green and mossy colours. This provides a more natural and homely feel to their accommodation. Also, bedrooms were fitted with kitchenettes. In addition, stylish furniture was added to compliment the new colour scheme.

Their aim

Their Aim | Laneways.Agency
In conjunction with the renovations, Vermont Aged Care wanted to express these improvements in the digital market and increase levels of business. Laneways Software & Digital assisted with this by applying the following:

New Logo

New Logo | Laneways.Agency
First of all, Laneways Software & Digital changed the logo. It appears elegant, classy and modern. In terms of colour, it was faded gold. The text style was changed to italics and leaves were added on both sides. This reflects the company’s leafy location in Vermont. Of course, the colour scheme matches with their renovation.

Built a new website

Next, the website. The entire website was changed and improved. This was based around what the interior designer had done. This was done so it looked consistent with the logo and the renovation.

Also, Laneways Software & Digital improved and simplified the layout so it would be more user friendly. Plus, photos of their new facilities were added across their website to highlight the renovation. This can all be seen on their homepage.

SEO application

Finally, Laneways Software & Digital optimised Vermont’s entire website. This was done so that it would maximise visitors. This in turn, supplements their aim of showing off their facility renovation, website design and logo change. Common keywords and search terms were added to their website. This was applied to increase the chances of the company appearing in search engine results. Also, their images were optimised so that the website performs better.

Finally, their website was device optimised. This was to ensure that it would be mobile friendly. Vermont’s careers page is a good example of this. It offers easy navigation and user friendly functions to potential staff. Their job board outlines vacancies and has a clear application system.

Vermont Aged Care now

Vermont Aged Care have had a fantastic response to their new build and digital presence. Their Google rankings have increased and they are receiving more contacts than before. To this day, Vermont Aged Care continue to work with Laneways Software & Digital.

Do you feel that Laneways Software & Digital can help with re designing and optimising your company website?