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Top 6 Reasons Why Python is the Best Programming Language to Learn (pros and cons included)

You may think of the best programming language to learn for a starter today. There are numerous programming languages you can explore due to its upward trend. One of the most popular today is Python.

In today’s digital age, startups, and SMEs (Small and mid-size enterprises) are investing in innovative tools to modify their business. Even large companies are now relying on technology to improve their products and services. This provides more opportunities for aspiring providers.

Whether you’re just getting started or you want to hone your skills, it’s imperative to learn different programming languages. This will help you utilize the right program language for your platform. In addition to Java, Javascript, C++, and PHP, many experts recommend using Python.

In this post, we will uncover some of the reasons why Python is the best programming language to learn.

Why Python is the Best Programming Language to Learn?

While there are other programming languages to learn, such as javascript, java, and PHP, but why Python is the most recommended. This is mainly because of its advanced features and user-friendly interface. 

Let’s dig deeper into why Python is the best programming language to learn.

1. Easy to Learn

Learning codes and the principles of each language is not easy. However, Py is less complicated to learn compared to other programming languages. Here, the syntax is simpler and human-readable. This allows beginners to easily understand its basic principles.

2. Highly Adaptable

Py’s adaptability is off the charts. You can use it in numerous projects, including:

This is one of the reasons Phyton is the best language to learn. Today, aspiring developers are leaning towards Python as a primary programming language.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

3. Unique Features

Here are some of the unique features, which make Python stand out among other programming languages. 

Simple language design. Py uses readable syntax, making it easier to understand. 

PY also features top-tier integration with other programming languages, like C or C++

It can also offload the CPU tedious tasks to the aforementioned programming languages.

It has an active community and tech support. You can reach out to the team for any troubleshooting problems.

There are also online forums you can join to learn more about the features in programming language.

4. The Most Popular Programing Language

Over the years, the demand for Python experts is growing at a rapid pace. Here are the facts:

In the PYPL Index, PY ranks number one in the most popular programming language. It has surpassed other languages, such as Java (which is the second most popular) and Javascript (third in the list).

StackOverflow surveyed in 2019 and crowned Python as the second most popular programming language, outperforming Java and JavaScript.

TIOBE rank PY as the third most popular in languages programming, next to Java and JavaScript, respectively.

The Most Popular Language | Laneways.Agency

5. Booming Python Job Market

This is another reason why Python is the best programming language to learn. Most tech companies today are looking for developers who are familiar with Py. Even for data scientists, this programming language has become essential.

The base salary for Python experts also looks promising. According to Indeed, the average annual salary of a Java developer is $104K, while a JavaScript developer earns an average of $117K per year. Meanwhile, Py developers earn an average of $119K per year.

6. Accessible to Learn Online

Py is one of the most trending programming languages today. This means it won’t be challenging to find useful learning materials. You can join online forums or social media groups to learn more from experts. There are also webinars and eLearning courses available.

One of the most reliable eLearning platforms is Codecademy. They cover basic to advanced Py coding courses. Another option is Learn Python. They provide free tutorial and skill tests for beginners. If you’re looking for more comprehensive video tutorials about web development or data science, you can check out Data Camp, as well.

Python VS Java VS JavaScript

Python VS Java VS JavaScript | Laneways.Agency

Py, Java, and JavaScript are the most popular and widely used programming languages.

Py is relatively new, and its popularity is expanding. There are now active groups and support team focusing on Py. As mentioned earlier, PY continues to outrank other languages.

Java and JavaScript are much stable for they have been around for several years. They are much more established compared to Py. Nevertheless, they continue to be relevant in web development, machine learning, app development, and more.

Py has rapid development. It is free, elegant, and intuitive.

Java is widely used and makes for excellent tooling. It has a large amount of documentation and a large pool of developers to help you with when you’re having a hard time with coding.

JavaScript is everywhere. It has lots of great frameworks, it’s fast, and can be used on the frontend and backend. JavaScript is also very stable, easy to set up, and has an expansive community.

It is best to start with Python if you wish to learn Java, JavaScript, C++, PHP, and other programming languages. It’s easy to understand, which can help you grasp the other programming basics.

The Pros and Cons of Python

While learning Python provides several advantages, there are some things you need to consider. Before you decide to learn Python as one of your primary languages, let’s discuss its pros and cons.

The Pros

Best of all, Py is object-oriented programming-driven, which means it offers excellent support for objects, modules, etc. You can also use Py as a server-side language (although admittedly, PHP is better for it).

The Pros and Cons of Python | Laneways.Agency

The Cons

Final Takeaway

Learning Py is a big advantage in today’s dynamics. This is why many developers are now leaning towards this innovative programming language.

If you want to hone your skills and learn more about Py, Laneways Software & Digital can walk you through different steps and processes. For more information, contact us today!

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