Custom Database Software: Cost-Effective Solution for Every Business

Your business can take advantage of custom online database software. Learn about the top software, which can help you build data storage solutions for your enterprise.

As most businesses have opened an online platform, having custom-built database software can be an effective solution for business processes and management. The great thing is you can use it as long as your business is still alive, depending on the current needs.

What is custom database software?

What is custom database software | Laneways.Agency

A good database offers systematic data collection, which makes it simple to process any queries on specific data in an ocean of information and even provide linkage to related ones.

The data-driven online database is one of the solutions to jumpstart your transformation to paperless processes and automate the operations of your business. It will make all your data accessible, making finding resolutions easier than manual operations.

How custom database software works?

In 2018, businesses spent about half of their IT budget on cloud-related services. A custom online database application will ease the processes for your business as everyone could access it. With web-based applications, you can make your custom-built software user-friendly and highly functional.

What are the 4 types of database?

Understanding different types of databases is worthwhile in building your own custom database software. Here are four databases you can consider: 

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Custom Database Software for Custom Needs

Custom Database Software for Custom Needs | Laneways.Agency

There are various easy-to-use database builders for creating an app, which will only ask you to enter all the data in forms. But why would you need custom database software? For one, it can save you a lot as you do not need to hire a tech team or developers.

Here are some advantages of using it:

High quality

Online database level up the data storage capacity of your business while allowing collaboration, greater accessibility, and remote access

Data Protection and Security

Since these web-based databases are hosted in a platform protected by layers of security for sensitive data and managed by professionals


After finalizing the schematics, you can manage, convert, and import data into an online database and publish it within minutes.

High flexibility

These databases will need further updates, which you can easily do as you go along with your business. It only takes minutes to reconfigure any changes.

Professional support

Aside from providing you with training, customized software offers live support to help you fix any issues on your system. They also provide video tutorials you can use to ensure your app's performance.

Top Custom Database Software Today

Coding a customized software is expensive, time-consuming, and overall difficult. Now, you can use software builders to create your app to manage your business using templates and without composing codes. Check out these top apps for building your cloud software.


Kohezion is highly popular for startups, freelancers, and consultants, using this online database application maker lets you easily create custom apps without writing a code or hiring a team of programmers.

This drag-and-drop builder allows different teams to create a specific application to suit business needs while allowing team collaboration across the company. You may use it for free for 14 days or pay $5 per month for the standard plan, including full access to tools, unlimited app creation, and priority support.


Node 14 offers custom solutions that are affordable yet highly efficient. Instead of DIY builders, many businesses opt to work with experts to build a customized online database platform.

Node14 expert programmers offer free consultations to streamline your business operations with use cases that suit your needs.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a business app builder that offers online databases. Users can download the product and publish them on iOS and Android devices. Its basic plan only costs $120 annually, including three web apps, 25,000 records, and a 24×5 live support.

You may also choose the Ultimate plan to have unlimited applications and records. Zoho gives access to 31 types of information, including location and bar code. Owners may grant access controls per user depending on their roles for easier collaboration.


In minutes, Caspio users can build a custom app with this low code builder. It is a point-and-click visual builder that guides users on each step. You can publish and share web apps on any site in just a few clicks using its cloud-based software.

It offers many flexible plans depending on the required data. You may first want to try out its free plan with many video tutorials on how to use and manage the software to create different applications.

Aside from being an intuitive visual application maker, Caspio also offers secure databases, user access logs, user management, automation, revision history, and rollback, scheduled import and export, interactive report tool, among others.


Designed for simple building for data management and sharing, Knack offers many tools for building a custom platform from scratch or using the available templates.

You can add multiple users and grant access to different reports, and create custom dashboards with menus, links, tabs, or popups. Also, mobile apps are optimized and can suit varied screens. You can use it for 14 days for free, while monthly premium plans start at $39.


As businesses move to cloud services, a custom database will be the key to keep your business process updated and competitive. Developers provide modern, advanced tools that are low code and less expensive than traditional software like an SQL server.

With many database builder apps available now, users can easily source out and create an online database without writing complex codes. Check out Laneways Software & Digital for all your software development needs.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

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