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Building Custom Software: Factors for Effective Software Solution

When planning to build custom software, consider a few things to maximize solutions specific to your business needs.

With the evolution of business ideas, companies now have the option not to use software off the shelf. That could have been made to solve an older problem, so a new project might need a new solution that will improve the success rates of the company.

What is Custom Software?

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It is a specific type of software that is generated or developed to fit the exact needs of a business or individual. An example is when you have a business that has a need or service for the clients that has not met any of the software off the shelf. You would have a program specially built and tailored to meet the need or make customer service easier.

It is also known as a Tailor-made Operating System. These could be in the form of web and mobile applications, programs, and other digital tools. Using a custom solution for your operations can be a key identifier between you and your competition.

When to Consider Custom Software Development

You know it is time to build custom software when your business’ growth rate starts declining—stagnant or missing out on growth.

This is usually based on a few problems like: 

How much does it cost to build a custom software?

Many factors contribute to the cost of customized software development. These include migration of data, software size, creative design, and program complexity. Considering all these, the average cost of customizing software is between $40000 – $50000.

9 Factors to Consider for Custom Software Development

Everyone wants something unique to make their business stand out in this digital era. You can start with considering some variables to know what type of solution is best

Whether the software is being developed for your team, customers, or company, the end goal is the growth of your business.

Custom software for your team or employees

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If you consider building custom software for your team, it should be one that helps make the work of your employees easier, faster, and more efficient.

1. Easy access 

The software will be built in an easily accessible manner for all the employees to get them wherever they are. An example is one that sorts out work emails and allots work to different employees.

2. Capability of the team

You need to first ask your team if they understand the system software applications. Assess the capability of the users who will handle them. The ability to offer quality services produced using that software is one of the factors too.

3. Problem to be solved by the custom software

Identify the problem that needs to be solved. This is one of the very reasons why you should set a specially designed software plan. What problems have you brainstormed with the team? Can custom-built software offer a solution?

Custom software for the customers

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A custom-built software that aims to solve client problems can help with the growth of your business. In an industry where good client service is favorable, having a system that produces good customer service and feedback is necessary.

4. Customer experience

Identify the client requirements and key complaints. Build software projects or an application that might deal with the problem. Create a much smoother experience for the client at a lesser cost.

5. Increased efficiency

Design and develop a solution that beats off-the-shelf software inefficiency to have the client needs met perfectly. 

Custom software for management

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This is customized to help run a business. Some of the factors to consider when to start building this software to fit your unique needs include:

6. Cybersecurity

This is important when developing custom software. You need to protect the data of the entire business to gain trust among employees and clients.

7. Resources

This is an important factor to consider when planning to build customized software. It could depend on user needs and where the software solutions are being run. Examples might be online, like a phone app, on a cloud, and others depending on the work hours and what is required of the company.

8. The scalability of the software 

This is the ability of the program to be used in a wide range, which includes language and the efficiency of the app or software in different places.

9. Return of investment 

Return of investment could be considered together with the cost of building customized technology. It determines whether the investment used on expenses like the development team and other technology will be returned in the long run. The cost of the software project should be within the company budget, and the budget, in turn, should make returns.

Is off-the-shelf software a factor to consider?

Better Scalability and Flexibility advantages of custom software | Laneways.Agency

After identifying your problem, you want to know if your solution already exists. You might just need to improve ideas from an existing app and take advantage of the solutions off-the-shelf software provides. From this idea, you can build your custom software that would define your goals and the future of the business, and how long the software will be in demand. 

How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Software Solution?

This depends on the problem solved and the use of the final product. Building goes through different stages: initiation, testing, and release of the software. Depending on the complexity of the software, building it could take around 4-9 months. Whether you’re a big or small company, the demand for custom-built solutions is growing, and your success depends on it. The advantage of being part of this evolution is the effectiveness of customized software and ready-to-use tools here for you. For more information on modern software solutions, you can consult our developers at Laneways Software & Digital today.
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