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Business Growth and Development: Top 14 Custom Software Examples

Leading its way to steady innovation, custom-made software can bring your business to its competitive edge. Take inspiration from top custom software examples that have adapted to this development system. 

It’s always critical for any business to serve what their customers need. Netflix, Uber, and Apple are just a few leading brands that used tailor-made software to their advantage.

In this article, we’ve provided a curated list of the top 14 custom software examples. Developers and engineers likewise can take inspiration from this list to create custom software for their business products and services.

Top 14 Custom Software Examples

Since custom software provides a more specific software solution tailored according to project requirements, it has been a necessity for the biggest industries worldwide.

Top 14 Custom Software Examples Custom Software Examples | Laneways.Agency

Custom Software Solutions Used in the Tech Industry

As customers continue to demand cost-effective features and functions, tech products that maximize customizability become more relevant.

Google uses a programmable search engine which is a platform present in their business processes.

This allows a web developer team to organize information that users need according to their existing google searches and even make related topics appear on a person’s search engine.

One of the features present in Apple products is Siri, a virtual assistant that adapts its owner’s individual language and manages tasks via voice command.

This is primarily designed to help the user manage both software and internet services in a centralized working commercial system.

Amazon makes use of personalized e-commerce web solution technology tools to curate the best consumer experience.

From product listings, up to online payment solutions that work with any device, customers prefer Amazon for their go-to online shopping.

Another example of a custom application designed system of Blackberry, or the corporate phone.

With its high value for organization, efficient user service and work compatible interface, Blackberry makes style meet with function through their off-the-shelf software solutions.

Developers often use this software design for a corporate project or company affiliated software.

One of the important requirements in business management is a software designed for organization purposes that could function for time-bound work tasks.

For example, Squarespace is a software that customizes their service for corporate businesses that can manage website domain, article arrangement, and customizable functions in your mobile app or desktop.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Custom-Made Software for Personalized Entertainment Needs

Custom software development is beneficial to cater to entertainment services needed by your clients. This is valuable for an entertainment company to keep users engaged in your software.

Here are two of the most popular streaming apps where developers customize user information and create a list of suggestions for its customers. Offline streaming is also made available so clients would be able to watch without the Internet.

  • Netflix is now becoming the world’s leading streaming entertainment service that allows its users to get exclusive access to series and movies.
  • On the other hand, YouTube is an entertainment application that would also serve as a personal platform for vloggers and even help its users to find the latest videos in just a click.

Gaming applications are at the list as it enables custom processes.

With this type of software, players, for example, can customize exactly how they want their characters to look like, build detailed establishments, and find other players virtually.

Gaming software developers collect data needed for customization to allow players to save their progress in the game and even tailor challenge difficulty.

Application of Bespoke Software in Transportation

Application of Bespoke Software in Transportation Custom Software Examples | Laneways.Agency

With the increased demand for efficient transportation services, a company that uses bespoke software would have a competitive edge over businesses that use shelf solution.

An example of custom software in transportation is Uber API, which contains a well-developed database for its customers upon booking.

Through the software design of this app, clients could get Uber rewards, search for available riders near their area and see the estimated time of arrival.

Custom aviation software found in airlines would allow travel bugs to get ready for their trips through a convenient booking and accommodation process.

Custom-developed software like this example helps your company to keep client activities smoothly functioning.

Custom Software Examples for Customer Health and Wellness

A well-designed health software system customized to meet specific needs by patients is necessary to get medical information quickly.

  • Life support systems is one company that uses Office Link 360 in their application to allow applicants to enrol in medical courses and specialties. This platform allows convenient performance tracking made available in their app.
  • Moreover, any medical company has high regards for patient confidentiality and monitoring. Hospitals may use custom software for this specific function.
  • If doctors need to view previous data regarding a patient’s disease, customized interface allows them to save time and work efficiently.

Other industries that use custom software development: 

Why is bespoke software so important for businesses?

Why is bespoke software so important for businesses Custom Software Examples | Laneways.Agency

Though bespoke software costs more time and capital, it serves as an asset to enhance company performance. It increases working efficiency and innovativeness to satisfy all sorts of business needs.

With bespoke software, you can make adjustments about the software product according to what they want and need from it.


Custom software is an innovative method that can make an impact on a company. As a developer in your company, you can do further relevant research about custom software development to find the best software solution for your customer and business in general.

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