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What Is a Custom Software Installation? Best Practices for Every Business

While packaged software can be straightforward and can be done by internal company personnel, custom software installation is configured by key professionals employing the best practices.

You could have opted for packaged software and hired third-party contractors to install it for you, but you have decided to create a new custom software application instead, despite the costs. Your organization and your software development team had undergone a tedious process during the development stage, and now, your custom software is ready to use.

It’s one thing deciding to develop the required software that your company needs. And it can be another hard work when you install the custom software. If not done properly, it could cost you even more. 

What Is Meant by Software Installation?

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After completing your custom software development project, installation is the next step.

Software installation is the act of making the program ready for use. It refers to the setup of a particular configuration that can be more time-consuming and complex.

As different types of installations are required for different systems, software installation needs specialists.

What are the best practices to employ? 

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Best Practices for Custom Software Installation

How to make sure that the systems that need to work will deliver on the first try? Here are some best practices you need to know that ensure an easy implementation phase.

Best Practices for Custom Software Installation What Is a Custom Software Installation | Laneways.Agency

Installing custom software is not like the packaged software as the latter may be either installed by your internal company personnel or third-party contractors. Since neither party was involved in the development of the software, it’s a must to have your custom software development team handle the installation.

There may be times when the new custom software system will not match or support your business operations. If so, the key is to support new custom software installation and integration to the existing application system in the computer. A dedicated, enough time to complete the configurations is needed so that the installation process will render its use, easing the software implementation.

Meanwhile, the new application, which underwent custom software development, sometimes does not configure for the installation. The team should then make a way to configure the existing system instead so that new software can still benefit the management and user.

The change management principle is one thing you need to consider for the installation and development of custom software applications for Windows and other operating systems.

You must let the organization see that there are better ways of doing things, noting that the solution is to have other specific custom applications installed to upgrade the company. Off the shelf software is widely available, but packaged software won’t cut it anymore.

While the custom software may cost your organization a significant portion of the budget, you must convince them installation of user-specific software will pay off more than using off-the-shelf software.

After the installation process, the developers should then conduct user acceptance testing to evaluate if the software functions according to its design. Doing so can also even improve the efficiency of the software. For example, if there are bugs in the system, the developers can identify them during the test and eliminate them. 

To verify if the software can function as it was intended to, you can also test a small portion of data to check if it is processed correctly. If your systems will be integrated with another software, ensure that the applications will have harmony during installation.

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

We build custom software with modern solutions in mind for any business and sizes!

Custom Software Installation Benefits the Business

In the long run, a properly installed custom software will add efficiency to your business and can generate productivity from your users. Your custom software, for example, can automate the menial and usual tasks so your firm can focus on more urgent matters. While off the shelf software solution can do this as well, it is not as specific and targeted to your needs. You and your team should be on the same page to ensure a smooth software installation phase so your business can realize its full potential. Need help with software solutions? More computer and software-related readings at Laneways Software & Digital.
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